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New Zealand Smokers Party

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I am pleased to announce the birth of the New Zealand Smokers Party website calling for people to join together to give smokers a voice in New Zealand.

I first proposed this Party almost a year ago and the idea has sat in the back of my mind ever since. At the time I was trying to save for a trip overseas while spending $200 NZ a week on cigarettes. 40% of my income. Hard, heart breaking, and impossible to get free of. I am an addict and so are many, many others.

Unfortunately, over the years smokers have become a voiceless and unrepresented community. We live under the constant pressure of social manipulation by the New Zealand Government and severe taxation.

According to the New Zealand Government I am an ugly, smelly individual harming children and those around me and about to die a horrible death that will be all the worse because I could have prevented it. I caused this pain to those I love and I am to blame. I am not worth treating for medical conditions, forced out into the rain and cold to feed my addiction and then blamed for becoming ill.

The unfortunate truth is that it is a lot worse than that. I once sent a an Official Information Request asking how many suicides were smokers. I wanted to know what the effect of all the negative advertising was, if any. However, I was informed that the,"Coronial Services does not hold statistics on whether any of those people were smokers". Yes folks, in a world where we are taught that smoking causes huge amounts of deaths through cancers, gangrene, heart attacks, etc... for some reason the Government doesn't want to know whether years and years of social manipulation land negative advertising is having negative effects on its targets.

Anyway, hopefully this will change and it all depends of whether people want a Smokers Party. For all I know they don't. But if you think smokers should have more of a voice then leave a comment below and if we get enough you can help make it happen.

2020 update: Well, that failed...