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Nothing To Hide - The documentary

masonbee Review

'Nothing to hide' is a mainly European and United States focused documentary exploring the reality behind the statement

"I have nothing to hide."

This is an expression of the 'Nothing to hide' argument that became common after the Snowden revelations of 2013.

Researched and directed by Mihaela Gladovic and Marc Meillassoux, the documentary interviews people from across the Internet community from NSA whistle blowers to programmers and including activists who have been targeted by government surveillance.

As a simplistic example of what data is collected by companies and government intelligence agencies the documentary also installs tracking software on a volunteer's phone and computer and then presents some of the data that was collected over a five week period.

Interviewees include,

  • Thomas Andrew Drake
  • Stephanie Hankey
  • Ben Wizner
  • Hubertus Knabe
  • Isabelle Falque-Pierrotin
  • Claudio Agosti
  • Louis Pouzin
  • Fabrice Epelboin
  • Jérémie Zimmermann

It is a good introduction to the types of dangers that both ordinary people and activists face in the modern world. You can watch it by clicking the button below.

As a follow up they are also fund-raising for a second documentary called,'Disappear' which you can help fund by donating to their Kick-starter page.