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One of the best ways to achieve justice is to expose injustice

masonbee Julian Assange

If Emmy Butlin (@greekemmy) would like to reply to this post and the accusations within it I would welcome it.

On December the 8th I read a post written by a Monika Karbowska called,"Julian Assange’s hearing on October 21st 2019". This was important for a couple of reasons, the foremost being it was the first insight into the court that had apparently not gone through some sort of filter and it's explanation of what was going on in the courthouse was shocking. Because of what was happening to Mr Assange and because of what his supporters were doing.

It repeated something I had initially discounted from which was an accusation of assault by Emmy Butlin (aka @greekemmy) plus other accusations of her sabotaging others efforts to support Julian Assange. In the Monika Karbowska's account there was also an assault and Emmy Butlin accusing her of being a spy while trying to keep her away from the courtroom.

That is the sort of thing that really gets my back up, so I asked Emmy and received no reply. I was actually quite nice about it all things considered. My initial tweet was.

"She pushed me and pulled me then she yelled at me " I don't know you @greekemmy but I seem to hear quite a lot of stuff like this about you. …

5:27 PM · Dec 8, 2019

Thirty minutes later in replies to others I was still giving the benefit of the doubt.

That is pretty much what I am thinking. Either someone is doing a job on @greekemmy or she is doing it on others. But this is the second account of her assaulting a supporter I have heard in a week and this one is in writing.

5:58 PM · Dec 8, 2019

And then all sorts of things started to come out of the woodwork so I told her what actions I were going to take if she didn't start responding.

Now we have two people who have written it down. Again @greekemmy would you like to say something? Because if you don't I will not only be be mailing couragefound and wikileaks but I will be contacting the courts as well.

10:32 PM · Dec 8, 2019

And I got blocked.

The interesting thing was that then the ardent defenders of Emmy started appearing. People like Pamela Drew who apparently thinks it is OK to assault other supporters if you have been around for a while,

What a nasty piece by self important supporter who joined the #Assange support movement this year moaning about decade long stalwart like Emmy saving courtroom seats for the likes of John Pilger. Shame on folks writing & sharing this swill. Find causes bigger than your egos ffs!

5:07 AM · Dec 9, 2019

or @ScepticalAussie

This is pathetic. You’re not helping Assange. You’re contributing to smear campaigns that surround him. Grow up! Assault at a magistrates court, full of cops and security personnel for an extradition trial? BULLSHIT!

12:53 PM - 9 Dec 2019

Read through the threads, basically it is a litany of people saying that anyone asking questions is seeking to divide the community, has ulterior motives or just people who think it is OK for Emmy to assault people as long as John Pilger gets a seat.

A day later I wrote to the courts and to the Courage Foundation about the actions highlighted in the Monika Karbowska article as I had told Emmy I would. I didn't write to Wikileaks though. That may come later. I complained about,

  • Activists holding seats for others in an orchestrated manner.
  • An activist demanding the names and contact details of people attending the court.
  • The same activist doing so in a manner imitating that of a police officer.
  • The same activist negotiating with the guards to give precedence to her friends.
  • The same activist assaulting another (minor).

I received no reply from either outside of an automated one from the court.


However, I wasn't the only person complaining and I was forwarded the courts reply from another supporter.

Thank you for your email.  Thank you for raising your concerns about managing of who is allowed into the court room.  A court list is not given to security to allow people into the room this has never happened at court with the security or any member of court staff .  Emmy Buttlin will not be holding spaces on any list that she might have produce herself for people/friends that do not turn up on time etc..

You state in your email about next week Friday 20th December 2019.  Mr Assange is not here for extradition proceedings on that day.  We have Mr Assange here next week on 19th December 2019 for case management hearing


Rosie Sylvester

Team Leader

Reply from Westminster Magistrates Court

This led to the funniest piece of spin I have seen in a long time,

Psychologist David Morgan: “Why [was] something as innocent as a medical & psychological report from our observations of #JulianAssange denied? We were supposed to be on the list and then suddenly we weren’t. I leave it open to others to speculate why.”


Is how I heard it first from @LissaKJohnson, who then went onto say that...

At previous hearings a list was drawn up by campaign groups to ensure that key people (eg: JA's family members, WikiLeaks colleagues, prominent friends incl John Pilger, Craig Murray) would be accommodated in the public gallery. At Thursday's hearing the ground rules were changed

Lissa K Johnson

This was the list that Emmy had been drawing up in a VIP style maneuver and then getting people to hold seats until she called them out and somebody on her list could take their place. This is something that has no place in the court and is totally unfair to supporters. The courts are run on a first in first served basis unless you have an actual right to be there (Like family or lawyers) and this is for good reason.

On further questioning there were even phrases like "official observers" were being thrown around which is basically a way to make things sound good. What everybody was desperate not to face up to though was that the reason the Doctors were not allowed to jump line in the court, and why no-one was able to give their seat up, was because Emmy had been breaking the court rules.

That is why the Doctors were refused admission to the courts. Not because of the CIA or Courts themselves but because a long time supporter had been breaking the rules and got caught.

This same long time supporter is still still running things in the community. According to some she is still being paid by Wikileaks? She hasn't answered any of the accusations of assault, loading the court, sending supporters in the wrong direction, acting in the manner of a Police officer and demanding peoples identity, accusing them of spying, or any of the myriad of other things that popped out of the woodwork after I first brought up the accusation of assault. Instead she just blocked the people asking questions and refused to say anything at all.

And she is able to do this because the people following her allow it. Apparently the Assange Support Community thinks it is OK for it's gatekeepers to be able to assault its members. Bizarre. Julian Assange may have said, "One of the best ways to achieve justice is to expose injustice" but Edmund Burk said,"The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing."

If you believe it isn't OK to treat other supporters like Emmy apparently has then raise your hand, ask questions and put a stop to it.