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Open letter to the Secretary of Internet Party NZ and Executive

masonbee Internet Party

So, here we are in the middle of a pandemic with the Internet Party essentially shut down, the website redirecting to a cached page at, no mail-outs to the members, some posts on Loomio but nothing really of substance and the Party name so worthless that even the Party President (Suzie Dawson) has removed any mention of it from her Twitter profile. All in an Election year.

Not to mention that the President is being implicated in attacks on Jesslyn Radack and the wider whistleblower community as part of the "Shadow Troll Crew" which apparently operates by taunting people into breaking legal agreements and then gets a kick back after they are sued for breaking those agreements.

Interesting times to say the least...

I would lodge another application for her removal from the Party for bringing it into disrepute but since you (Jo Booth) have fully backed her actions against all evidence, reason, and multiple other complaints there seems to be little to be gained except another cop out. But hey, lets do that anyway.

I would like to formally ask for the removal of Suzie Dawson from the Executive and membership of Internet Party New Zealand for bringing the Party into disrepute (6.1.1) by attacking whistle blowers, refusing to repay loans from members, failing to follow the Objectives of the Party (6.1.2) and acting in a manner which has not only brought the Party to this position where it is essentially non-existant but in a manner which has primarily served her personal goals instead of the goals of the Constitution.

I also find her support and possible professional connection to Trevor Fitzgibbon who, apart from the multiple allegations of sexual assault going back over a decade, has been using lawfare to try and unmask the identities of journalists, dissidents and whistle blowers in the community, disgusting to say the least.

Now, since I am apparently following the Constitution perhaps you could too and either hold a by-election for the membership to replace the current failed Executive and Secretary or follow the steps laid out in 19 of the Constitution and start the dissolution of the Party.

Perhaps you could even consider communication with the membership.

I would also like to point out that pointing at a cached page at is a terrible thing to do. is an important service that constantly scrambles for funding and using it as a holding page instead of spending $10/month on a virtual machine is the sort of flaky thinking the post 2017 executive appears to excel in.

And just to hammer the point home, the 2017 Executive and it's remains took a Party with at least some funding and hope and have squandered that in an epic fashion. In 2019 the Party President misunderstood my request that the Executive pass the reins onto people who are interested in New Zealand as a partisan effort and replied with,

hand the reins over to who @masonbee ? the same people who sabotaged the 2017 campaign and then got us delisted ? your mates ?

no thanks, i’ve had enough hell dealing with snakes and if you think handing this party straight back to the vipers is going to produce a better outcome than consulting with the party founder re next steps, you’re sadly deluded

Conversations with the Internet Party Executive

Yet in the end those 'snakes' did a much better job at keeping the Party afloat and lining it up for a new Election than the current Executive and Secretary have. Passing it to the 'vipers' would have been a better option than allowing the state of the Party to crumble to it's current level. Those snakes started off with a broken Party and worked towards rebuilding it for the good of the country. A goal that appears to have been lost by the post 2017 Executive whose major achievement has been raising money for and backing the personal goals of Suzie Dawson.

I would implore the remaining Executive to ruminate on their actions and make a decision that they think is best for New Zealand instead of their own goals and egos. If you cannot commit to reconnecting with the membership, hosting the website, following the Constitution and working to better our country then please either appoint another Secretary and resign so they may hold a by election or start on the dissolution of the Party in a formal manner and in communication with the membership.

Regards, Mason Bee.

* I tried to send this by email but no email accounts are working for the domain I am sure there is something humorous in that but I can't find it.