The “Disneyfication” of Nature

100% Pure NZ

The “Disneyfication” of nature is something that has recently begun to grate on my nerves. On Great Barrier Island it rears it’s head with sentences such as,”Great Barrier Island is a place of unspoiled beaches and vast tracts of native forest northeast of Auckland. Great Barrier Island’s rugged, untouched beauty is hard to find elsewhere.” …

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The first online AGM in New Zealand history?

Below is a copy of the discussions from the 2015 AGM of Internet Party Assets and the Internet Party. 2015 AGM (10:00:58) Moderator: :warning: Moderator Alert :: meeting of Internet Party Assets Inc begins :warning: (10:01:48) Moderator: I (GrantK as Acting President of Internet Party Assets Inc) call this the first AGM of Internet Party …

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