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Paris COVID-19 Quarantine – Day 2

masonbee COVID-19

Woke up at four feeling a lot better than I had the previous evening where I thought for a while I was going to get very ill. Today I feel better again and my temperature is still normal range. Just the coughing gets worse as I get more tired. Either way it reinforces the idea that I have had a bad cold which means we made all the right decisions for all the wrong reasons.....C'est la vie.

France is doing much worse. Currently there are 7730 cases of which 699 are in a severe condition, 175 have died (2%) and 602 have recovered.

I have seen Paris fairly quiet before but never like this. I don't think I have been out of the house for five days so I wrote up my attestation, strapped on Mr Wiggles and walked down to the Post Office to see if it was open. It wasn't. On the way back I took the slightly longer route and got a video of looking across Pont des Arts to the Louvre. Usually the bridge is packed and the cars would have been a solid mass. Today....

Pretty quiet for the start of peak hour in the center of a city with two and a quarter million people.

Walking around is a bit strange. You have to figure out where the other people are going (and they you) so everybody can avoid everybody. This was made easier by the complete lack of people. It appears that people are taking the restrictions seriously although it should be said that not too many people live in the sixth anyway and most of the apartments appear to be owned by foreigners.

On the bright side I saw a couple of joyous skateboarders. They rule the city at last.....

Shit, I forgot to clap at seven o'clock. Thank you health workers, the people who do the rubbish, the people who stock the shelves and person the tills. Remember this next time there is a pay dispute. The high and mighty have been cast down and the truth revealed. Bit of a shock really. :)