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Paris COVID-19 Quarantine – Day 4

masonbee COVID-19

It's a little hard to say but the restrictions might be working a little bit. If you look at the results in the image above there are two things to notice. The first is that there are no results from the 19th. I do not know why this is. The second is that the results for the 20th show a large drop of new cases from the 18th and a minor drop in deaths. Not conclusive at all and i would have thought too early but a little bit of hope perhaps.

Our day went by fairly quietly. We have split the day into roughly three slices. In the morning I do my stuff and she looks after Mr Wiggles and in the afternoon we swap. The evening is a free for all really. In some ways the quarantine is quite nice. Mr Wiggles is getting lots of time. Piano and guitar are being played, books read, cooking and conversation. I don't know if we want a month of it though.

This morning Angelynn went to the Supermarket to gto more food. All the shelves are stocked but they were only letting so many people in at one time so you have to queue. She said most of the people in there were staff stocking shelves and gathering orders for delivery.

Part of the conversation today was about what to do if this goes on. Unlike so many others we still have some options with the ability to go to New Zealand or the States after we are sure we are not contagious anymore. I would prefer NZ as it has a decent health system, a house we can use to quarantine ourselves again and, selfishly, because the NZ dollar has tanked and my bank account is there. So crazy, if we had of stayed another week in NZ we wouldn't have been able to get home anyway.

The other option is the States which I am not keen on as there is no way I want to get sick there without health insurance nor do I want to be anywhere near the 28,000,000 uninsured people if they get sick.

It's a weird situation there. In the Democratic primary Biden is beating Bernie while Trump is pumping more money into propping up the American system in a socialist way than any of Sanders grand plans. Meanwhile members of congress are being implicated in selling stocks while telling the public the virus wasn't a problem and are being called "very honorable people" by Trump.

But then the U.S. is number 1 on the pandemic preparedness index so perhaps I am wrong.....


Again at eight o'clock we saluted our health workers. They must be able to hear it. If so many are clapping in our small out of the way street then the noise at Montparnasse must be deafening.

Thanking our health workers!