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Paris to St Jean Pied de Port

masonbee Pyrenees

Trains are a very civilised way of traveling. You can look out the window and see everyone's backyard while travelling at 300km per hour.

After many hours journey you can tell that we are going places not by the map or the acres of corn or pine trees but instead from the ever decreasing mobile coverage.

Next stop was Bayonne. It was about 27 degrees so we sat in the shade in a cafe and drank smoothies. I didn't spend long there but supposidley it has great seafood, the nicest people and is very relaxed.

On the train to St Pied du Port I was struck again by how much France and New Zealand have in common. It took me a little while to figure out why. I think it might be the invasive weeds on the roadside :).

I can see the mountains in the distance.

Arrived at St Jean Pied de Port. Very hot but is a great little town. Love the gite. I went to get a Camino passport for Greta but they want her to do it. Luckily they are open until 11 tonight. Time for a wee nap now. When it cools down we are going to go shopping, have a beer and then an early night so we can start off early.