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Penny Bright

Suzie Dawson and Penny Bright have a long history of going at each other with Penny accusing Dawson of being an informant and Dawson accusing Penny of trying to co-opt Occupy Auckland.

Below is a screen shot of a Facebook video where Ben Cooney calls Penny Bright an SIS Informant. According to Penny Bright this video was then published by Suzie Dawson on her website in an effort to smear Penny's name. The full video is below.

Penny Bright informant screenshot
Penny Bright informant screen-shot



Below is the video of Ben Cooney supposedly calling Penny Bright an SIS Informer which led to to write in an Indymedia article,

The main reason I organised the setting up of this website, was to counter the defamatory lies about myself being spread by Suzette Maree Dawson, which she has published on her own private website

Suzette Maree Dawson published on her above-mentioned private website a statement by Ben Cooney ('Redstar') during his livestream video coverage of the protest against the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPPA) protest on 8 December 2012:

"There's Penny Bright - SIS informant".

A statement by Penny Bright

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