386 – 409 Ruakaka Reserve Motor Camp

Today began with its ups and downs. Up 857 (Ken said 811. I lost count) steps to the trail from Peach Cove Camp and then over the seemingly infinity numerous steps on Bream Head. So many steps….. On the bright side there were maybe 20 Moreporks last night, a couple of Kaka, and some Rails […]

339 – 386 Peach Cove Camp

Some small amount of cheating may have occurred during this day….perhaps not cheating. That might be a bit to harsh, but a definite aversion to road walking took preeminence. James dropped us off at the trail head which saved us 8kms of road walking but the trail was only 4.5kms long so after an hour […]

250 – 270 Papakauri Stream 

Leaving Paihia was a bit harder than expected. We had called Dusty to arrange transportation up the Waikare Inlet and were set to meet him at Opua at 4:15pm which was lucky really because the rain wasn’t stopping. Eventually we just left and walked through the rain along the road in order to make sure […]

173 – 198 Puketi Recreational Park

Up before dawn this morning in order to get through the flood prone Mangapukahukahu Gorge before rain was forecast to hit at 1pm. The Gorge was easy. Just 2.5kms of crossing gravel beds and not falling in deep pools. At the end there was a short trip to a better crossing of the main river […]