1218 – Zero Day at the Blue Duck Cafe

Just another rest day. This one was to miss some rain that doesn’t seem to have eventuated while waiting for the canoes. I am filling it instead with the somewhat random food from the Blue Duck Cafe. The panini are good but yesterday I bought dinner for $20 without first ascertaining what it was an […]

1146 – 1165 National Park 

Slept in for a while and then started out around the base of Ruapehu (hidden by cloud) until hitting the Whakapapaiti Stream and then turned down toward National Park village. I get the feeling that in general people build tracks to suck people in. They start off nice and then degrade the further you get […]

1111 – 1146 Whakapapa Holiday Park

Well, that was an interesting idea…… We all woke up at 5:00am and headed down the 8km walk to the start of the Tongariro Alpine crossing as the weather was supposed to get worse in the afternoon. It did. By the time we reached Ketetahi Hut (which has been seriously bombarded by rocks from an […]

1056 – 1089 42nd Traverse

The first order of business was to get to our safety briefing with the Taumarunui Canoe Company. This mainly involved showing us pictures of things we will run into (preferably not) on the Whanganui journey. After that we went back into town and started for Owhango and the beginning of the 42nd Traverse. The day […]