2194 – 2216 Harper Village Camp

Last night was rather cold. I was almost tempted to get my thermals out but instead just ducked my head inside the sleeping bag. The morning wasn’t much warmer. Although this didn’t deter the 100 or so sandflies on the outside of my tent. On the bright side of things we were soon walking towards […]

2178 – 2194 West Harper Hut

For those of you who are taking note of the distances, you may have noticed the 28km leap from Morrisons Footbridge. This is due to the weather as per usual. After going to the Otira Hotel the weather was still bad so we hitched to Arthur’s Pass to get our food box and stayed there […]

2128 – 2150 Morrisons Footbridge

There were 10 people on Locke Hut last night so I slept outside by the Taramakau River. It was a great nights sleep before heading to Morrisons Footbridge. The first crossing of the Taramakau was impassable. We had to our way down gravel bars for a couple of hundred meters until we were able to cross. […]

2104 – 2128 Locke Hut

The weather had improved immeasurably by the time we arose. The clouds were moving in a different direction, and with no rain, we headed for Locke Hut. The first 9km to Hurunui No.3 Hut (I still haven’t found No.2) were easy and uneventful except for a short stop at some hot springs. Silvan and Angelynn […]

2061 – 2086 Hope Kiwi Lodge

The visit to Hanmer Springs was well timed. It coincided with bad weather hitting the West Coast and Southern Alps. We ended up staying an extra day due to slips in the Lewis Pass. The next day we made our way back to Boyle Village to pick up our food box and stay at the […]

2048 – 2061 Boyle Village

Another easy day and yet again it started off with rain. Due to the last couple of days of evening hungers (eg; repeated stories of what we would actually like to eat) it had been decided that we should get to Boyle Village and then hitch down to Hanmer Springs to get burgers and cheese […]