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Prelude to a holiday

masonbee Coromandel

It appears that not much planning can lead to not much going right and in the case of this journey there have been a number of things that haven't gone according to my hemi-demi-semi-plan.

Firstly, my tent pole broke. On the bright side this motivated me to also buy some tent wash and waterproofing agent (it had been leaking since about the 3/4 mark on Te Araroa) so that the Hubba Hubba NX wouldn't create Lake Hubba Hubba NX in the morning. This might have turned out better if they had of sent me the right part and (in their favor) if i hadn't left it until two weeks until Xmas to realise it was the wrong part. It might also have turned out better if they hadn't sent the wrong part out twice. Still, I have a waterproof....actually, that hasn't been tested really.....tent supported by a piece of Murray's golf club.

Part two was the weather. The partial plan was to get a lift from Great Barrier across the channel and get dropped off at Port Jackson. Simple, efficient, and heading in the right direction. This was stymied by the weather kicking up on the day I wanted to go and the swell in the channel the next day.

The rest I will document as I go along but here is a copy of the original plan for future reference.

  • Cross channel to Coromandel
  • Take walking tracks to Coromandel township and see aunt and cousins.
  • Continue walking till Auckland through the Hunuas.

See. Simple.  :)