Pyrenees High Route section hike: Day 11

All my dreams have come true…..well, except for that one where there were murderers using art as bait and the tunnel through the hill we had to climb this morning. But quite a few of the others have.

We started at our camp at 1900m this morning and slogged up to 2100mish before ending at around 1400m.

Most of this was done in baking hot sunshine as it appears that France has decided to have another heatwave. I didn’t really notice it until we got down to the town of Gourotte at about one o’clock….ok, this is getting messy. Back to the top.

After making the pass we began a very long descent along a ridge and then down to Lake Anglais. I was going to have a swim there but at the head of the lake were some old mines and tailings. Damned if I would trust the water. Depending on the type of mine it may have had traces of arsenic and such in it.

The descent continued down a long valley to end at Gourotte which was not going to be the end of our day but it was so hot. I have bought a bottle of wine as backup and we have booked into a cheap hotel and showered. All I really need now is a washing machine.

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