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Pyrenees High Route section hike: Day 2

masonbee Pyrenees

The Pyrenees are like New Zealand but with better food. Why is this? Well, we woke up this morning in the mist at Harpy's Grotto, had breakfast and started off. 

The directions for the start of the track were to turn at the second Shepard's hut which was fine but we weren't sure where to turn so we went to say hello. 

It is entirely possible we also had some ulterior motives as the Shepard had been described as making the best cheese in the Pyrennes.I don't know whether this is true but he does make very nice cheese. I am eating it as I write this. We should have bought more.

I also like him because even though he was about to go out shearing he offered to have a beer with me which I politely refused as it might make walking hard. He said I should try two then as that might make it easier.

After that was the climb I had been dreading since yesterday but, with the appropriate use of a snickers bar, turned out to be not to bad.

At the top of the ridge we meet a couple of other hikers and a Shepard who insisted on pointing out all the times the All Blacks have lost the world cup to France.

The trail from the top went down a long valley and then followed a stream until we came to the major climb for the day. I wasn't expecting this one and it seemed to go on forever. Also, the ridge-line was in cloud so we missed what might have been some fantastic views.

It's got to be said, I am not as fit as when I did Te Araroa. Neither of us are. Angelynn thinks she is holding us back because she is pregnant but in reality I am very happy she has slowed down to near my pace.

We managed to buy some bread from a cafe in the middle of nowhere and it looks to me like we are doing well in the distance stakes so all is well. Except, I noticed today that I had lost the inner sole of my boot. Not too sure how I did that. Doesn't seem to make much difference really.

I definitely think we get ten points for the campsite though. Maybe nine as after a while I discovered that the swarms of tiny midges landing on me weren't just after salt, they were after blood.