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Pyrenees High Route section hike: Day 4

masonbee Pyrenees

The day started with water problems and continued that way. We still had the reservoir water from the day before but it tasted like ass. This wasn't solved until two Shepard's and about four hours later when, after a long journey down a valley only to find a dry stream, we found water a hundred meters further along the track. This was quite lucky as I was about to go back and drop down another path into the valley which would have taken a couple of hours.

Water makes all the difference when hiking and suddenly our day was much better. We had lunch, crossed a scree slope, a pass and then dropped down into the valley for a long descent in the hot sun, past an old customs post, a refuge in the process of being rebuilt, a heap of cows and horses and near the end a couple of streams that had been polluted by them.

It was a really nice walk. Good views, no major climbs and the views of the central range of limestone mountains where we are going were amazing. It is very hot and dry though.

Unfortunately water problems have raised their head again and it seems that we am just not carrying enough. Usually I carry three litres but I have only been carrying two because the Pyrenees were supposed to be water rich. That just isn't enough.

From just below the cloud in the pass.