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Pyrenees High Route section hike: Day 6

masonbee Pyrenees

For some strange reason the church bells in this village ring six o'clock twice, possibly four o'clock as well. We slept in so this didn't work and also Angelynn wanted some freshly made Gateau Basque which wasn't ready until later. So at eight thirty we were at the shop with Rosanne and we didn't leave Lescun until around ten.

We all walked together for the first part and then Rosanne went off along the GR10 and we headed back up through the cloud into the mountains. Steeply.

This is often the problem of going to a village. They tend to be in the valleys and afterwards you have to regain all that altitude to regain the ridge line. About a thousand meters this time I think.

It ended up being totally worth it.

Once we broke through the cloud we were treated to views of the higher mountains floating on a sea of clouds and then as we carried on long valleys of pasture and forest as well.

It sometimes seems as though almost every animal in the Pyrennes has a bell around its neck. This can create quite a jangle. There are also, my favorite, flocks of birds that sound like someone twanging a fence line.

Although we started late we made good time and reached the lake and refuge where we were going to camp around five but there were to many people so I ordered a beer and Angelynn a coke before continuing.

For a while there it looked like this may have been a bad decision but now we are camped in a high field, surrounded by the jangle of the animals and looking down over an incredible view.


Pyrenees sheep dog with flock

Weird birds that sound like a twanging fence line