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Pyrenees High Route section hike: Day 7

masonbee Pyrenees

Our camp-site from last night proved to be just as good this morning with the tent dry and the view still spectacular. 

We headed towards our next resupply with a large drop into a valley, broken only by a short stop to buy some more cheese. I think I am carrying around a kilo and a half of cheese now.

The problem with large descents though is that you have to make them up and on the other side of the valley we did that and more. Maybe six hundred meters down and then seven hundred up to a lake in the hills.

The weather is scorching and for some reason seems to be worst in the late afternoons. Although it is possible that it is because I am tired.

The lake is on a GR route so the were quite a few people there and we pretty much only stopped for lunch anyway. The aim was to get to Candanchú.

We left the GR shortly after to sidle around a mountain valley. Angelynn had a quick shower in a water fall but it was too cold to really get into. The last part of the trail to the town seemed to take forever. It often does.

Suddenly we found ourselves in a bar with Spanish rock playing and me with a beer in my hand. This made me a lot happier. I also managed to amuse the locals by having to ask whether the toilet titled chica or chico was for men. I think I will go back there later on and amuse them some more.

We have booked into a sixties style hotel called Edelweiss for the night, showered, shopped for the next bit and Angelynn has bought some new shoes. Oversized, but better that her last pair as they are falling apart.

Tonight we will go back to the Bar for dinner and probably so I can amuse them again with my terrible Spanish.

It is beautiful here but very hot and dry.

Lake in the mountains