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Pyrenees High Route section hike: Day 8

masonbee Pyrenees

Hotel Edelweiss put on a truly spectacular breakfast with what looked like two full length tables of bacon, eggs, toast, fruits, croissants, coffee, fruit juice, a selection of cut meats, etc....

This is probably why we started late and then had a hell of a time walking. Half an hour in both of us were sweating profusely and by the time we reached the chairlifts we were glad to stop and have a cold coke. Then we looked at the map, the chairlifts and the steep ascent and went bugger it.

One chairlift ride later we were at the top of the ascent and ready to walk. There were a lot of other people walking this trail as well. Chairlifts do that I suppose.

It wasn't particularly spectacular (no more than our new norm) until about an hour or two later when we sat down for lunch surrounded by flowering irises and looking at Col Midi. A spectacular tower rising above a picturesque valley.

The ascent looked a lot harder than it turned out to be as lunch kicked in I suppose. That and our well practised method of going very slowly, one foot in front of the other until we had made it to a lake. This was in fact where we though our end point was but since there wasn't any refuge visible we went back to the maps and found we were at the wrong lake.

Our path corrected we went over a small pass and sidled around a mountain until we reached the refuge. Grumpy people, way to many of them and that was it for us. Currently we are hidden a little further on. Not very well, some people just walked above us. But we are set up to sleep, have had bread and cheese for dinner and will hopefully be ready for tomorrow which looks like a long day.

A small amount of cheating