Recent Projects

These are some of the projects I have worked on in both a solo and team capacity. In some I have been both the website and hosting manager for many years. Looking back, much of it has been for Trusts, especially the Great Barrier Island Community Health Trust where I was a Trustee.


I recently quickly redesigned the homepage of EnviroKiwi, a New Zealand environmental company, using a bootstrap theme.

GBI Community Health Trust

The GBICHT website has now been a seven year project to raise the profile of the Trust both on and off the Great Barrier Island.

Off The Grid GBI

Originally hired by the Aotea Ora trust to design and implement the Off The Grid website I also ended up doing much of the content.

Albion Vale

Albion Vale is a members only family website created in 2019 as a way to bring the family together after the death of my Great Uncle.

GBI Garden Tour

The Garden Tour homepage was designed and implemented in 2015 and has been updated every year since including additional media.

Best Paris Cafe

Best Paris Café is a new website based on the WordPress 2017 theme and already evolving into something new.

NZ Smokers Party

The New Zealand Smokers Party website is a one page invitation for people to join together to create a new political party.


I like to play. The Iris Café was originally an Oxwall site but I have updated and reinvented it using Humhub as a base.

Other projects have been as varied as being the social media manager for an Internet Party New Zealand AGM to being the local computer repair person on a small Island including two of the schools. It has been occasionally frustrating at times but mostly lots of fun.