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Removing snapd and why I do it

masonbee System

Removing snapd ( The package that allows Ubuntu to get applications from the snap store) can be accomplished with a simple,

sudo apt remove snapd

in a terminal. Why I do it is slightly more complex and is more to do with a vague unease than any technical problems with snap packs.

The first problem I have is with implementation. Who decided that there should be a folder created in my home directory called snaps instead of .snap should be talked to sternly.  It is my home directory. If you want to put implementations or config files in there then hide them. I don't have an apt folder appear when I use apt.  I remember there being a bin folder to run local executives at one point but that was a long time ago. It doesn't look good and i don't like it and it is my home folder so goodbye. Flatpak seems to be able to get this right. Snap doesn't.

The second problem is with upkeep. I understand that having developers being able to use their own libraries might stop breakage and allow more applications onto Linux. There are a host of good reasons to have Flatpak and and Snap packaging but it also allows developers to implement half-assed un-updated packages and then keep them around. When trying to run a slightly more secure computer you might have multiple older versions of libraries being run for different apps. This gives me the willies. I know they are sandboxed. It just does.

Anyway, that is my whinge. I suggest using Flatpak...but not based on any technical knowledge, just my first problem. :)