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Request for Suzie Dawson to step down a year after the 2017 election

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Request from the 30th of October 2018 for Suzie Dawson to step down from the Executive of the Internet Party and a list of the problems the party faces, including those she has caused. Six months later the problems remain the same, if not worse.

In reply to your comments on the News thread.
1) My problem isn't with the last election or what you expected or got. I supported your efforts in the last election. But it failed spectacularly.

2) The honeymoon period is over. You can no longer blame the past exec members. The executive is responsible for the current state of the Party and have had plenty of time to fix anything that needed to be fixed.

3) Kim has been saying he is going to fund the Party for so long I can't remember. I'll believe it when I see it. Stop relying on Kim.

4) Stop blaming the past exec. Really…move on.

5) I am glad you have offered to resign multiple times. It shows responsibility. You are owed no funds by the Party however. The executive creating a contract for you that relied on paying you without the funds to do so could be called fraud and should be dealt with as such. If you were a party to the decision then it is called hope and you knew that they didn't have the funds when you signed it.

6) We weren't de-registered because of the last exec (Still blaming?). We were de-registered because the current executive and Leader did nothing about the membership during the 260 days since the
last election.

7) Really? Have you thought you might be part of the problem?

In reply to your comments in this thread.

1) Welcome to politics. I think you should step aside. You are very talented, great insticts, good in interviews, and a natural leader. Unfortunately, this is the Internet Party NZ and you haven't concentrated on New Zealand and IPNZ. As a result of this we have been deregistered.

2) If these funds are coming from Kim then refer to #3. Also, if the Party can't stand on it's own feet without magical KDC saving it then it is doomed. If it constantly relies on him then it is a puppet party.

3) You have had more than enough time to sort out the memberships. If 40 is what you have come up with then 40 is what you have. 500 people in the election is few enough that much of it could be accounted for by joke votes. Either way if 500 is what you got then that is what you got. You are not only required to hold an AGM you are required to hold it at least two months before the end of the year. However, if you are lacking voted in exec members then you are required to hold a by-election as soon as practicable.

4) It is worthless if you lose the Party at home. KDC can have his vision for IP World all he wants. This is the Internet Party NZ. It is primarily involved with New Zealand issues. Something the executive seems to have lost. Your legal objectives are written in the constitution. I would suggest someone reads it.

5) Your communications to the Electoral commission can be as legal as you want. The membership issue was ignored until we were de-registered.

6) This source of criticism is me and the failure of IPNZ both in the last election and the membership debacle is the responsibility of the Exec. Stop blaming other people. There is a benefit to the party in this criticism in that it is honest and from a member that cares deeply about his country and it's problems. No, I don't want to be on the executive or stand in a seat and I have refused in both cases. I suppose it is possible I might be forced to at some point but as I am spending more and more time overseas it won't be shortly. I do seem to end up constantly having to get the executive to take notice of the members. Members make the Party. You say actions are louder than words, you seem to have forgotten the corollary. Results are what counts. You were given the position of Leader in IPNZ. Since then there as been a massive loss of Exec, members, votes and focus on the objectives of the Party. The final result of your leadership has been the de-registration of the party.

7) The Discord membership is fine but wasn't more important than the New Zealand membership and the focus on foreign affairs is not more important than New Zealand affairs. There are nine objectives in the constitution you are legally bound to enact. Seven of which directly say New Zealand. Seven tenths of your efforts should have been aimed directly at NZ. Support Assange/Wikileaks/etc..all the exec wants but they are not the purpose of the Party and focusing the Party’s efforts/abilities/assets on supporting overseas people is a breach of the constitution.

I would like to to remain a part of the Party but I don’t think you should be a part of the Executive anymore. Your leadership has led IPNZ to disaster.

- The Party has been deregistered.
-There is no Leader as Suzie is unable to stand.
-The website has not been updated.
-The executive did nothing about the Privacy Bill.
-The executive did nothing about the membership records.
-There has been little to no communication with members.
-The Party is focused on foreign affairs, not New Zealand.
-There has been no apology for the dismal failure in the last election.
-There has been no apology for the de-registration of the Party.
-Suzie was made President after only getting 500 votes in the last election.
-There has been no by-election of executive positions.
-Although there are people in Discord (100?) few of them appear to be New Zealanders or focused on NZ.
-Loomio is dead and whenever alive the Executive seems more intent on fighting than trying to work things through.
-Nothing appears to have happened for at least six months.
-The President lives in Russia and appears to have little to no interest in New Zealand (Is she ever returning?).
-There has been a constant blaming of Fred for membership database problems but in the two thirds of a year since taking over the new executive has made little effort to fix it.
-The Party isn't following its legal obligations in the constitution.

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