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Yesterday I wrote an email to Scoop asking a couple of questions. Is Suzie Dawson a Scoop Pro subscriber and are they aware that the submissions by her involve a lot of back links to her own sites?

Why is this important? For a couple of reasons. The first is that in order to add 'truthiness' to your claims it looks good to have your work published or talked about on a news site. People tend to trust it more as they should. And the work is vetted to some standard.

Getting your work published in a news site also increases the traffic of the sites it links to. More people read the submission, more people click on the links, more people go to the sites, more traffic. And this is where submissions to sites like Scoop can be scammed.

There are two types of posts on Scoop by Suzie Dawson, press releases for the Internet Party and submissions on her own work that nearly all link to her own websites and the one that doesn't links to a website that does articles on her. 32 of them them by the looks of the search.

Other links point to previous submissions by Dawson increasing the chance that the casual reader will take them as the truth. After all, if I go to the Herald and click on a link that leads me to an older Herald article I assume that they have been looking at the subject for a while. Not that I am viewing a submission by the same reporter with the intent to increase traffic to their own website.

And the Scoop can't vet all these articles. How are they supposed to know that,

...are all sites and video feeds run by Dawson?

The reason that I asked about Suzies backlinks is because Scoop professes not to allow hyperlinks or media in an article without a ScoopPro subscription. It's a little messy as in one part they say,

We also reserve the right to provide priority publication to content from ScoopPro users and to refuse to include hyperlinks, images, video, audio and other multimedia files from non-ScoopPro users.

And in another part they say,

4.1. Only ScoopPro users are permitted to feature hyperlinks in the published content on Scoop.

So part of my email to them was to ask just that. Does Suzie Dawson have a Scoop Pro subscription?

I await their reply.

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