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Some links about Endarken AKA S. Dawson from 2015

masonbee Suzie Dawson

While searching for information about Suzette Dawson I came across this paste bin with quite a few background links for her. Interesting reading what someone else has thought of her. Sorry about the formatting, I have pasted it verbatim. Basically it boils down to,

  • Questioning of her motives.
  • How she interacts with the government.
  • Questioning her mental health.
  • Her relationships with other activists.
  • Suspicions about her spouse?
  • Suspicions about her income.


Endarken aka Suzette Maree Dawson

“If people come from nowhere, with no proven track record in the 'protest' / 'activist' movement, and make a beeline for controlling the message, or means of getting the message out - act in ways which cause dissension or conflict within the group, spread misinformation / disinformation about people, without facts and evidence to back it up - BEWARE!!!
Being involved in 'media' gives such people the ability to mix and mingle and take photos from inside the ranks of the 'protest' movement.
Where exactly are those photos going?”
Activist Penny Bright on Endarken.

Dawsons OIA requests. Shows how she interacts with government departments when she’s seeking ‘facts’.

“Dear Prime Minister,

I have reason to believe there may have been political interference
in my professional I.T. employment as a result of my
extra-curricular volunteer work as an independent journalist.

I believe this may be as a result of actions undertaken by yourself
or your staff.

I believe commercial decisions relating to me may have been
impacted by political interference.

As per the Freedom of Information of Act I request any and all
information held by your office or your staff, Cabinet Ministers or
their staff, that would indicate the above has in fact occurred.

Yours faithfully,

Suzette Dawson”

Dear Sarah Boyle,
Thank you for the response from Wayne Eagleson.
My request stemmed from a collection of events that cumulatively suggest that I may have been/be a target of Jason Ede and/or of "Cactus Kate" and/or Cameron Slater ("WhaleOil").

Any communications that may exist in relation to commercial interference in my career and/or influence being exercised over other facets of my life would have been authored between October 2011 and the present date.

It may well have been in the form of "personal" emails and/or social media conversations rather than work emails, though it is possible "personal" email addresses in question may have been accessed via Parliament computers or networks.

On the surface there appears to be a familial relationship between Jason Ede and my pre-election employer that I was not aware of until recently.
The objective may have been both to control & unduly impact upon my personal life and career as well as potentially for profit motives as well.
I would appreciate your investigating whether any communications sent from Parliament networks during the aforementioned time period corroborate this, and ask you to suggest any other avenues by which the information might be obtained if not through your office.
Yours sincerely,
Suzette Dawson”
In that last comment she says she was working for a family member of Jason Ede, a notorious Dirty Politics operator for the PM. Dafuq…..
Here’s another Dawson claim.
“Dear Sarah Boyle,
I appear to have experienced a "man-in-the-middle attack" which included conversation about there being RFID tracking chips used on/in the persons of activists, non-consensually, in New Zealand.
(Of a similar variety to that used by the Councils to track dogs)
Can you please ask the Minister whether there is any information to indicate that this is in fact a technology being employed by the Government when monitoring activists/journalists/persons of interest?
Yours sincerely,
Suzette Dawson”

She thinks she’s embedded with a RFID chip? _

Dawson vs Penny Bright

“I am a young mother and I.T. professional who accidentally became an activist in October of 2011 by supporting Occupy Auckland and attending General Assemblies.”

“The good news for victims is that there is already case law of successful defamation suits involving at least one of these two offenders and there is a wealth of related legal information available in the public domain.
If you have suffered similar tactics by these two you are not alone.
I know personally of at least four people within Occupy Auckland who were targeted individually by Penny Bright and it appears there are many other historic victims of similar circumstance.
Some of these I have received solidarity statements from that can be submitted to any legal body that requires them. For some victims, legal action may still be ongoing.
The first step is to clearly and carefully document the harassment and make foundation reports to related authorities. Make sure there is a registered history of the abuse.
For moral support or legitimate enquiries please email suzette at suzettedawson dot co dot nz”

Penny Bright responds to Dawsons smears and attacks on her.
Suzette Maree Dawson published on her above-mentioned private website a statement by Ben Cooney ('Redstar') during his livestream video coverage of the protest against the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPPA) protest on 8 December 2012:
"There's Penny Bright - SIS informant".
Dawson has a history of taking down activists she disagrees with using such tactics as claiming they work for the Police. A sign of mental illness or she is, in fact, a cop/informant herself.

Dawsons claims as per her latest website.
“We have been recognised by Dr. Jane Kelsey both in print and in person for having co-created the #TPPANoWay hashtag and grown it into an international viral success and driving thousands of visitors to the It’s Our Future website”
“Appalled by the imbalance of the Israel / Palestine conflict we spontaneously began #NZ4Gaza as a hashtag to promote live event coverage of Palestine solidarity actions here in Auckland. To our surprise this became widely-known and successful, spawning many international spin-offs like #EU4Gaza, #UK4Gaza, #DC4Gaza, #NYC4Gaza and so-on, so-forth.”
“I was the #1 social media influencer for the GCSB hashtag, working to educate the public on the issue of warrantless mass surveillance for months before it finally penetrated the mainstream. I covered all of the anti-GCSB events live, including the Mt. Albert and both Town Hall events (2013 & 2014) the latter being of course, the Moment of Truth featuring Glenn Greenwald, Julian Assange and Edward Snowden.”
“I covered a number of Internet Party and Mana Party events including #SwimWithKim at the Dotcom Mansion, #PartyParty on K’Rd, Auckland, the Internet Party Candidate Selection Challenge at Q Theatre, and the Mana Party AGM in Rotorua. I have informally interviewed both Kim Dotcom and Hone Harawira”

“Entirely under my own steam I attended and live-tweeted one of Nicky Hager’s Dirty Politics lectures, have been active on the hashtag #DirtyPolitics and was instrumental in documenting the saga as it unfolded.”

“I am blessed to have a number of mentors and allies, as my work has come to the attention of many incredible champions of truth and press freedom worldwide, some of whom are household names and “celebrities”.
So a little bit of a fantasist and fame seeker.

Let’s take a look at Dawsons business history.
Ethereal Innovation
Her co-shareholder in this company is Shane PAUL.

This is Shane Paul ->
“A soldier in the territorial forces of the NZ Army. One day he hopes to serve overseas and manage not to shoot himself in the foot. (One can only hope)”
“Keeping up the appearance of the "computer guy" while still leading a secretly-active, double life. (Almost a full-time job)”

Army, Computer training, friends with a sudden activist who’s everywhere…..
Dawson AKA Endarken AKA Suzi3D has questions to answer about where her income comes from, why she has repeatedly gone to the Police about Penny Bright but calls others “informants” when they make police complaints themselves and what is her agenda with trying to monetise activism while ripping down established activists?

Is Endarken the next Sabu?


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