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St-Etienne Vallee Francaise to St Jean du Gard

Today was the day that we were supposed to go all the way to Ales to finish our journey and catch the train. But because we stopped at St-Etienne Vallee Francaise last night we won't be able to complete the journey in time and although we started with expectations of doing a 34km day by the top of the first hill I was revising that downwards drastically.

Luckily this all worked out perfectly with us arriving in St Jean du Gard before lunch on a market day. We booked a room, dropped our packs and went eating. St Jean du Gard has much to be loved about it and after about thirty minutes of wandering around we both wanted to live there. It used to the the center of silk production in the Cevenne and at one point was an extremely rich merchant town. It is still pretty bloody nice.

Angelynn bought a cake that she said was one of the regional specialties which turned out to be somewhat close to being the food of the gods. It has raisins and almonds and melts in your mouth but is so incredibly sweet that you can't only have very small pieces.