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Suzie Dawson refuses to pay back a loan from a Party Member

masonbee Internet Party

Fred Look, previously the Internet Party Secretary, contacted me about an $8000 private loan that Suzie Dawson refused to pay back to him. My understanding of this is that in early 2017 Suzie said she needed money. Fred, being the trusting soul that he is, sent her two deposits of $4000 as a private (not Internet Party) loan which she later refused to return. Suzie then threatened to sue him.

I am not sure that the conversations he has sent me pieces of are in order but this is the order they were in his email. I have changed some formatting for readability, removed his bank details and removed his email. I am also seeking clarification as to whether I have the dates correct. In some places I have added in the quotation is Fred pasting in copies of older conversations in order to show Suzie that he has proof she is lying. That is the way it reads to me, and I will correct it if Fred disagrees.

Fred, I have evidence that I was targeted by the NZ government, and if you ever defame me again I will not hesitate to hold you accountable for it.

Suzie Dawson 6 June 2018

Hi Suzie, would love to get the $8000 i leant you back real soon thanks

Fred Look 6th June 2018

I don't expect there'll be much of the advance that you gave me on my pay which I haven't been paid left by the time you are held accountable for the gross defamation you have been subjecting me to Fred.

Suzie Dawson 7th June 2018

Suzie you know thats a barefaced lie and my loan to you is documented! Suzie I will call you out as "liar" whenever and wherever I choose . If you do not like it dont tell lies

Fred Look, 7th June 2018

The conditions under which you advanced me the money was that it would be repaid from my wages which I never received. It is you who lied, all the way through 2017, consistently attempted to damage and sabotage the party and myself, which is why Kim and others do not want to know you anymore. Your behaviour has been malicious and ridiculous and immature, and you are now displaying a disturbing personal obsession with me which is highly inappropriate and coupled with the incessant defamation, criminal.

Suzie Dawson, 7th June 2018

You have made false statements about me in writing, online, and are now effectively stalking my social media threads. You have one last opportunity to knock it off and move on with your life, or I will be instructing my lawyers to issue you with a cease and desist notice and then in the absence of you growing up and leaving me alone, I will pursue a defamation case against you. This is the last word you will hear directly from me.

Suzie Dawson, 8th June 2018

Hi suzie DONE! $4000 is transferred to your account a few minutes ago this is not Internet party money or payment for invoices but a personal loan from my sister can you please return it when you are able to Fred Look BNZ 00-0000-0000000-000
From: fred <> Sent 04/19/2017 (7 months ago)
To: Suzi3d
well I am so glad that that got thru! so having succeeded there I have just now transferred another $4000 to your account making $8000 in total. and thats all of it ! . let me know if you get that one. be well and knock em out at the launch! havent a clue how we will manage repayment. I really hope that by then I will be doing as I am told by a competent accountant! but the account I gave you and paid you out of is mine, so that connection is already made. Fred

Fred Look (Fred apparently pasting Suzie Dawson proof of their conversations), 8th June 2018

you wrote that after depositing the money, and after we had several prior conversations as a group that i would not be able to continue in the leadership role without my expenses - clearly outlined from the beginning - were met. to date, i have received only a miniscule portion of my expenses and wages.

Suzie Dawson, 8th June 2018

we repeatedly discussed that the money you were advancing would be repaid ONCE I WAS PAID.... which i have not been.

Suzie Dawson, 8th June 2018

furthermore, your continued attempts to damage my reputation - and the party's - go far in excess of $8,000 and you are skating on extremely thin ice. indeed your ice has already broken with several people including kim. i suggest you cease and desist and if you do not, you will be instructuted by my lawyers to do so, as a preliminary step to holding you accountable for your actions. i am not interested in corresponding with you further.

Suzie Dawson, 8th June 2018

Since it is now 20 days later and you are still continuing to denigrate me on social media, I am blocking you and alerting my NZ lawyers about your stalkerish/menacing, harassing behaviour.

Suzie Dawson, 25 June 2018

As far as I am aware Suzie Dawson never paid Fred back the money he had lent her. This is especially troubling as Fred is a retired man and had borrowed the money to loan it to her. Even if the personal situation between Fred and Suzie had deteriorated she should have paid back the loan. She was paid by the New Zealand Government, for the work that she billed for, over $25,000.

Additionally, this points to Suzie Dawson's willingness to use threats of legal force to quell opposition. After writing Suzie Dawson: Exile or Fraud I was subjected to her use of lawfare. All the more disturbing when she seems so much against the use of lawfare when applied to Julian Assange but seems very willing to use it against others.

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