Tourism complaints website

While wandering up the road today I came across two girls standing at the cross walk while a man on a rickshaw trying to get them to take up his services, not forcibly but incredibly annoyingly. They stood at the cross walk while the man yelled from behind us and I cracked a joke to […]

Learn a language by reading a story

This idea came to me when walking home from French class one day. Would it be possible to learn to read a language just by reading a story? I’ll give you an example so you know what I mean. John met Mary on his way to the store.“Good day, Mary!”, he said.“Bonjour John”, she replied […]

Give a little for Historic Buildings

After the fire at Notre Dame there was some criticism about the incredible speed that people came together to pay for it’s repair or in some cases whether it should be repaired. What is has really shown though is the perilous state of historic structures not just in France but around the world. Even the […]