How I think the Internet Party should be structured

Although it is a little hard to tell, as I am not on the executive of the Internet Party, its appears as though the branches of the Party are not well served by the current structure for the Party’s. There appears to be a hands off approach to the other Party’s internationally that could lead […]

Sarah Illingworth

Sarah Illingworth launched and ran Impolitikal and was the Secretary for Internet Party New Zealand before leaving after a short period of time. It is suspected that she left because of Suzie Dawson. She has had nothing to do with Suzie since then. Links Q&A | Suzie Dawson, the New Zealand journalist seeking asylum in […]

Fulfilling the Internet Party New Zealand Objectives

Almost two years after the catastrophic loss in the 2017 elections, what are the Internet Party Executive doing to progress the objectives of the Party? Unfortunately, the short answer to this is that little to no progress in the objectives has been made since the 2017 election. Under the leadership of Daymond Goulder-Horobin, Jo Booth, […]

Who is Suzie Dawson? Exile or Fraud.

Suzie Dawson (or Suzi3D) is an activist and journalist who is currently the President of Internet Party New Zealand (IPNZ) who has sought asylum in Russia after the New Zealand and other governments broke into her house, tampered with her car, interfered with her relationships and communications, her bank account, targeted her physically, physically endangered […]