Whalebird – A good Mastodon client

Picture of Whalebird Mastodon messenger in action

If you are looking for a good client for Mastodon on KDE neon then Whalebird is an Electron based Mastodon and Pleroma client for Windows, Mac and Linux. It’s quite good and looks a little like the Slack UI. The website can be found here. To install Whalebird on KDE neon go to the website …

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Create, share, communicate, chat and call securely with Element

(Riot has been invested in my Automattic and has rebranded to Element. I have changed most instances of Riot to Element to reflect this. The repositories are still at packages.riot.im though.) Element is an open, private and secure messenger application built with Matrix that allows you to chat, exchange files, make voice or video calls …

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Encrypted messaging on KDE neon with Signal


Signal messenger is an end to end encrypted applications that can be installed on KDE neon and is also available on Andriod, iPhone, Windows and Mac. It’s basic functions are encrypted text and video messaging which it does very well and very easily compared to many other applications. Signal is primarily tied to a cell …

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Democracy, censorship and gun control

There is a problem revealing itself in the countries of the so called west which is becoming a bit of a Catch 22 for them. Technological progress is increasing the power of the individual. This is being shown in a myriad of ways but two of the most visible are in gun control and control …

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