Is there anybody out there?

The title is supposed to give an idea of what is going happen if Assange supporters keep banning people on Twitter who disagree with them. Because as more and more people block others because they don’t like or can’t deal with questions Twitter is going to turn into, Yesterday, after trying to offer an alternative […]

How I think the Internet Party should be structured

Although it is a little hard to tell, as I am not on the executive of the Internet Party, its appears as though the branches of the Party are not well served by the current structure for the Party’s. There appears to be a hands off approach to the other Party’s internationally that could lead […]

Some links about Endarken AKA S. Dawson from 2015

While searching for information about Suzette Dawson I came across this paste bin with quite a few background links for her. Interesting reading what someone else has thought of her. Sorry about the formatting, I have pasted it verbatim. Basically it boils down to, Questioning of her motives. How she interacts with the government. Questioning […]