Kontact email, calender and contacts setup.

Previously I have done guides on setting up Kmail and setting up Kmail with Posteo but I thought I should do one for setting up Kontact which is the personal information management application for KDE. Kontact is actually a group of applications consisting of Kmail, Korganizer and Kaddressbook wrapped together with a few other applications …

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Install KFind for improved file search

Picture of the File Search application KFind

KFind is a standalone search tool from KDE. It has finer grained search than the default search in Dolphin (the file manager) and it just seems to be better at finding files. To install KFind in KDE neon, open Konsole and type, Enter your password and the program will install. After installation you can find …

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Konsole is one of the most important and helpful programs on a computer. Important because you can do just about anything with it and helpful for pretty much the same reason. It can be found in the Applications Menu under Applications/System/Terminal. To be precise, Konsole is a terminal emulator running BASH (Bourne Again SHELL). A …

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Free VPN with OpenVPN, KDE Neon and ProtonVPN setup


To do this you are going to need a Protonmail or ProtonVPN account (the accounts are bridged so having one is having the other) and KDE neon installed. I am using 18.04 but it should work on any Debian based KDE distribution. RPM based distros will require changing a couple of commands but I will …

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