Who tracks me?

Earlier this week arXiv from the Cornell University Library released one of the first papers to study who is tracking users in depth. The data was sourced by Who Tracks Me using more than 780 million page loads over the course of 10 months. Previous attempts at measuring tracking on the Internet were flawed as […]

Jacinda Ardern, equity and equality

I found myself a little miffed yesterday as I continued to read glowing reports on New Zealand’s new Prime Minister. Mostly about how she is a woman. The problem is that I don’t care if she is a woman. The Prime Minister is the Prime Minister. I expect them to do the best job they […]

$20 Billion investment in the New Zealand Defence Force

In July of 2016 the Minister of Defence Gerry Brownlee released a defence white paper outlining future spending. Part of this spending was a $20 Billion investment over 10 years in the New Zealand Defence Force. How bizarre. We live in a country where the chances of being attacked are negligible. To quote the same white […]

New Zealand ranked 34th out of 41 developed countries for child well being!

This is disgusting. Why the government hasn’t resigned or been thrown out on mass over this is beyond me. New Zealand is 34th out of 41 developed countries for child well being! Does the exclamation mark and bold accurately portray my anger? Because I am defiantly f&*^%d off and you should be too. And what will […]