Labour and National jump off the deep end

It has been reported today by RNZ that National and Labour are looking at teaming up to charge people for being forced into quarantine upon returning to New Zealand. Or, to pass a law to economically stripping people of their most basic right to be a New Zealander. Stopping New Zealanders entering their country of …

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NZ Election 2020 – Tracking

Synopsis A brief look at the current New Zealand political parties views on tracking and internet privacy through looking at whether they track their website users. Out of the 11 websites tested all of them had some sort of third party service that the Electronic Frontier Foundation considers a potential tracker. The least went to …

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Who tracks me?


Earlier this week arXiv from the Cornell University Library released one of the first papers to study who is tracking users in depth. The data was sourced by Who Tracks Me using more than 780 million page loads over the course of 10 months. Previous attempts at measuring tracking on the Internet were flawed as …

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