Metiria Turei and state surveillance

John Key

Let them who are without sin cast the first stone….. Over the past month I think we have been shown a great example of why state surveillance is a bad idea. On the 16 of July Metiria Turei revealed she had lied to stop her benefit being cut while raising her daughter. This led to a media …

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Climate Change: What we could do?

Waikato Farm

According to the OECD the contribution of New Zealand’s agricultural sector accounted for 49% of our climate change emissions in 2014. The highest share in the OECD. This is for a sector that, in 2016, accounts for roughly 5% of our GDP. That is a problem. We can remove 95% of our economy and we …

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New Zealand ranked 34th out of 41 developed countries for child well being!


This is disgusting. Why the government hasn’t resigned or been thrown out on mass over this is beyond me. New Zealand is 34th out of 41 developed countries for child well being! Does the exclamation mark and bold accurately portray my anger? Because I am defiantly f&*^%d off and you should be too. And what will …

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Internet Party presents #UpdateNZ live

Let's update Democracy

In a first for a New Zealand, if not world, political party the Internet Party presented #UpdateNZ live last night. An 8:01pm broadcast on Youtube where they promised to reveal their campaign plan. There were a few glitches at the start with plenty of good natured humour in the chat panel and chants of #ipcatforpm! Time …

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A New Zealand Policy Party?

Image provided by Michal Klajban under the CC BY-SA 4.0 license.

A Problem with Policy I believe there is a flaw in the New Zealand* political system with the slim range of policy that gets enacted. We end up with a dominant party in Parliament due to the major issues of the the electorate at election time and lose the input of the other parties. On …

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