Penny Bright


Suzie Dawson and Penny Bright have a long history of going at each other with Penny accusing Dawson of being an informant and Dawson accusing Penny of trying to co-opt Occupy Auckland. Below is a screen shot of a Facebook video where Ben Cooney calls Penny Bright an SIS Informant. According to Penny Bright this …

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Diary of a person of interest – Questions?

Suzette Dawson

One of the more annoying things about Suzie Dawson is that people don’t seem to question her more and she appears to be very good at deflecting any questions there are. Even fellow activists have commented on it, Interestingly, Suzie Dawson responded, and what followed was a conversation on Twitter that appeared to me increasingly …

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Some links about Endarken AKA S. Dawson from 2015


While searching for information about Suzette Dawson I came across this paste bin with quite a few background links for her. Interesting reading what someone else has thought of her. Sorry about the formatting, I have pasted it verbatim. Basically it boils down to, Questioning of her motives. How she interacts with the government. Questioning …

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