Cloudron – Advantages and drawbacks

What is Cloudron? Cloudron is an application management service using docker with a nice web based interface. Basically, you install it on your own server (which is fairly easy if you use one of the major hosting providers) and then you can choose applications out of the App Store such as WordPress or Synapse to …

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Nothing To Hide – The documentary

Nothing to Hide

‘Nothing to hide‘ is a mainly European and United States focused documentary exploring the reality behind the statement “I have nothing to hide.” This is an expression of the ‘Nothing to hide’ argument that became common after the Snowden revelations of 2013. Researched and directed by Mihaela Gladovic and Marc Meillassoux, the documentary interviews people …

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Delete Facebook Now!

Delete Facebook Now!

It is imperative that you delete Facebook now and that includes it’s subsidiaries Instagram and WhatsApp. In the last year Facebook has been associated with; Interfering with the American Elections. Covering up interfering with the American Elections. The massacre of Rohingya Muslims. The misappropriation of 87,000,000 users data. Selling users data. Sexual, religious and nationality …

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Some privacy links

Privacy is not a crime

In a, probably, vain effort to clean up my bookmarks I thought I should post some of the links I collected while researching privacy invasions. That way I can get rid of the and they can still be helpful to others…..possibly with some semblance of order as well. Excuse the web previews. I will get …

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Tor Browser


The Tor Browser tries to hide users from traffic analysis and does so very successfully by bouncing users communications around a network or Tor nodes operated around the world. It is what you use if you want to use the web without being able to be tracked to your physical location. To use the Tor …

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