Samba file sharing setup

Samba is the open source version of the protocol that Windows machines use to share files. It is useful because it is fairly well supported on Linux, Mac and Windows machines although Windows likes to change things to make it harder sometimes. The steps below will set up a simple share using the Public folder […]

Backup KDE neon with Kup

Kup is a backup scheduler for KDE neon that uses rsync or bup depending on whether you want to do incremental backups or a synchronised backup. Primarily it is used to backup to USB (It will recognise when the USB drive is attached) but it can also be used to backup to an smb share […]

Dolphin fails to see shares in KDE Neon

I have both a Windows 10 machine and a NAS on my network and even with Samba installed I haven’t been able to see shares on the network without entering the address manually (eg; smb:// Turns out there is an easy fix in the Ubuntu forums that works for Kubuntu as well. You simply install […]

Failed to retrieve share list from server

This has bugged me for a while as I fixed it and then it reoccurred probably after Windows updated. The problem was that I was unable to connect Ubuntu 16.04 to my Windows 7 box. It wasn’t the firewalls and none of the usual fixes seemed to work until I ran into this page. All […]