Conspiracy theorists and trust

This is a bit of a strange post but bear with me if you can. It involves my view of the current problems with peoples anti-beliefs in Bill Gates, microchips, the United Nations, 5G technology, 1080 poison, fluoridation and electromagnets technology, etc…They are problems, but they are not as big a problem as the media …

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What is the cost of privacy online?

Cost of Privacy

It is an interesting question. And, to be clear, I don’t mean the cost of not being private. The targeted advertisements, chilling effects, restrictions of freedom, loss of power, breakdown of trust and so on. I mean the actual monetary cost of choosing privacy respecting services with which to live our online lives. It turns …

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Third Party Server

Trust is an integral part of our lives. When meeting somebody new, going to a website or dealing with a government agency there is a level of trust involved. It isn’t expected that a person has extra information about the relationship through cyber-stalking, that the website is using tracking technology to see what sites you …

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