Problems with Tareq Haddad and The Freedom of Speech Society

Recently I had an interaction with Tareq Haddad on Twitter that has raised some problems with his ethics, conduct and his new effort ‘The Freedom of Speech Society’. Mr Haddad famously left his position at the Newsweek organisation after it refused to publish his work exposing the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) …

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Franz messenger for Ubuntu

It is rare that I will write a post about a piece of proprietary software but in this case one is well overdue. I have been using Pidgin with the Skype plugin but it seems that social networks change their requirements so that opensource solutions are unable to keep up with them in many cases. …

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Third Party Server

Trust is an integral part of our lives. When meeting somebody new, going to a website or dealing with a government agency there is a level of trust involved. It isn’t expected that a person has extra information about the relationship through cyber-stalking, that the website is using tracking technology to see what sites you …

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