Suzi3d – The Anonymous Scandinavia video

On September 10th, 2019 Anonymous Scandinavia posted a video featuring Suzie Dawson. The original tweet can be found here but I have downloaded the video for two reasons. The first is that it will make it easier to find and the second is that if I link to it straight off Twitter people will be …

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#1vs5i – Show me the money!

1vs5i is a new creation by Suzie Dawson, President of the Internet Party, and has two apparent aims. To pay for her family’s asylum bid in Russia. To help fight the Five Eyes network in an unspecified way. To do this it is asking for donations on the Go Get Funding platform or you can …

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Suzie Dawson: Rape Apologist?

Let’s start with a definition of a rape apologist, A person who defends acts of rape, usually by claiming that rape is not a serious crime or that people do not need to give consent to sex. Urban Dictionary Yesterday I started an experiment to see whether The Daily Blog is censoring valid commentary to …

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Suzie Dawson and the Whistle-blower

Suzie Dawson

This is the story of how I have ended up in the unenviable position of whistle-blowing on Suzie Dawson and Internet Party New Zealand. It all came to a head for in March of 2019 when I wrote a post called Who is Suzie Dawson: Exile or Fraud? In it I questioned her claims, her …

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Suzie Dawson refuses to pay back a private loan from a Party Member


Fred Look, previously the Internet Party Secretary, contacted me about an $8000 private loan that Suzie Dawson refused to pay back to him. My understanding of this is that in early 2017 Suzie said she needed money. Fred, being the trusting soul that he is, sent her two deposits of $4000 as a private (not …

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