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Te Ahumata (Whitecliffs) Track

Te Ahumata Track is a nice walk to the top of Te Ahumata (Whitecliffs). Roughly an hour and a half up and down again. Parking is right across the road at the Forest Road track entrance.

It is a fairly gentle walk to begin with. Following the ridge and curving around until getting to the turnoff to the top. If you keep on going without turning off you end up in Okupu.

Although the track is quite good and I didn't get my feet wet in sneakers you do have to be careful in parts as the mud can be slippery and the moss deeper and wetter than it looks.

There are good views up toward Hirakimata (Mt Hobson) and down into the Kaitoke swamp and the northern end of Kaitoke Beach.

After the turn off the path does become a touch steeper and rugged as a lot of water comes down and the clay is gouged and slippery. It isn't to bad though and soon you get to an area where you can look over the ridge down into Blind Bay.

I like this spot. In the distance is Coromandel, but if you look down the valley then you can see Blind Bay wharf which means Davey Owens house is down there. I have to resist the urge to yell,"Have another Waikato!" in the voice of god.

Once you get to the top there are views in every direction. Down into the Kaitoke and Medlands Valleys. Out to sea off both side of the Barrier. Up north across the bush. I had forgotten how nice it was as I hadn't been up for a while.

Te Ahumata advice

There isn't really any drinkable water up there especially in summer so it might be an idea to take some liquids up with you. It can also be windy and a little exposed. Coming down is worse than going up if there is a bit of rain. Footwear with good grip is advised.