Te Araroa 2016/2017 Blog and Video roundup

Tongariro National Park

I have broken this post down into parts to cut down on page load times. Also, because the videos link off site, this page should be considered a tracking page.

One of the things I did when investigating doing Te Araroa 2016/2017 was go through the old blogs and videos that people had made. Many of the blogs can be found on the website but the videos were a little harder to find. Hopefully having many of them in one place will make it easier for others. It will be nice to look back on as well.

Where helpful I have tried to link to the start of blogs instead of just peoples home page. If anyone runs across ones they think should be added then send me a message in the comments.

Te Araroa 2016/2017


Alex Mason

Alexa Wolf & Andrew Hubbard

Amiththan Sebarajah

Andrea Hidalgo

Anthony Page


Belinda & Tony

Bettina Grotschel

Blair Telford

Brittney & Jacob

Caitlyn Peesker

Camino Te Araroa

Daisy Milton

Dan Lee

Denis Houdek

Erin Saver

Frances Boyson

Gail and Neil Marshall

Hauke & Jule

Henek Tomson

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