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Te Araroa gear list

masonbee Te Araroa

This is a bit of a simple gear list and it isn't quite finished but should give people some idea of what I am carrying. Most of it was bought at Living Simply with hours of help from Chris....Thanks, Chris! I have matched it up against the prime list given on the Te Araroa site. I'll edit this up later once it is all finalised, and I have an idea of weight, if I get time.

I have now added a “The other end of Te Araroa” post which explains what gear was used and how it worked as well as some things I would have liked to have had.

Pre Te Araroa Gear List

Several pairs of trail socks
3 x Merino trail socks
Decent trail shoes (light-weight ones that drain well) or boots
Boots – Lowa Ranger 3
Gaiters – Lowa Alpine Gaiters
2 x Nylon Shorts
1 x Thermals (top and leggings)
2 x shirts
2 x Merino Shirts
Merino long sleeve/thermal top
Decent waterproof coat (can be a life-saver!)
Stony Creek Stow it Jacket
Waterproof trousers
Waterproof trousers
Primaloft jacket
 Might buy one when I get southward.
Windproof shell
Fleece Jacket
Merino gloves
Buff/wooly hat/sunhat
GBI Fire benie
High SPF Suncream
Done, but only SPF 30
Descent backpack
Aarn backpack
Light-weight tent/bivy
MSR Hubba Hubba
Blow-up sleeping mat
Therm-a-Rest - Evolite Regular
Down sleeping bag/waterproof bag
One Planet - Bungle -4 Regular DWR
Cooking stove/fuel/cooking pot/spork
MSR - WindBurner Stove System
Primus Titanium Cup
Light My Fire - Titanium Spork
Laminated maps
No, but I have printed out the Northland set and posted the rest here under files.
GPS with trail downloaded
On phone
Silva Ranger
Marker pen/sharpie
I got a dry erase pen instead. Should be OK on the maps and I can erase mistakes.
mobile phone/waterproof bag
Mobile phone
PLB (Personal Location Beacon)
Ocean Signal - Rescueme PLB1 (Beacon)
Strobe light
SOS Survival Tin
Aide Void R1 1st aid kit
First aid kit incl. Hikers Wool
Done....possibly excessive.
Emergency foil blanket
Light-weight walking poles - personal preference
No – well, maybe. If I meet someone I will try theirs.
A stool tool/loo roll
Fiskars Nyglass Transplanter
Headtorch/spare batteries
Tikka +
On phone
10x dehydrated dinners.
10x OSM bars.
10x gruel (instant porridge)
Tea Bags/water
Water purification tablets/UV steripen
Sawyer - Mini Water Filtration System
Hi-viz vest and/or pack cover - essential for road walking and forestry sections
Tuffviz Hiviz Vest

Some thoughts

Interestingly, my pack has ended up a bit heavier than I was aiming for. 13kgs base weight. With food and water this will add up to an initial walking weight of about 17kgs....which sorta sucks and was partially the reason for buying the dehydrated food. I need to make sure my fitness will be OK as all my training walks were with a 13kg pack. Cest la vie.

( "The other end of Te Araroa" post.)