Editable address bar in Nautilus

The normal behaviour in Nautilus 3.26 on CentOS 7.5 is to use a bread crumb menu for navigation which is all well and fine until you need to either edit the location or copy and/or paste it at which point unless you know the shortcut your are doomed to wander in circles in settings/preferences and […]

Free VPN with OpenVPN, Kubuntu and ProtonVPN setup

To do this you are going to need a Protonmail or ProtonVPN account (the accounts are bridged so having one is having the other) and Kubuntu installed. I am using 18.04 but it should work on any Debian based KDE distribution. RPM based distros will require changing a couple of commands but I will leave […]

Disable AnyDesk from starting up in Kubuntu 18.04

I recently downloaded and installed AnyDesk but it has been annoying me that it automatically starts up on boot. I went to Startup and Shutdown in the System Settings and it wasn’t listed there and it wasn’t until I searched for the process that I realised it runs as a root process as well. Luckily […]

Dolphin fails to see shares in Kubuntu 18.04

I have both a Windows 10 machine and a NAS on my network and even with Samba installed I haven’t been able to see shares on the network without entering the address manually (eg; smb:// Turns out there is an easy fix in the Ubuntu forums that works for Kubuntu as well. You simply install […]

Removing snapd and why I do it

Removing snapd ( The package that allows Ubuntu to get applications from the snap store) can be accomplished with a simple, sudo apt remove snapd in a terminal. Why I do it is slightly more complex and is more to do with a vague unease than any technical problems with snap packs. The first problem […]

Changing to navigation by category in single.php

The default for WordPress is to have the next/previous navigation links go through time not category. You can change this instead to navigation by category in single.php, the file that controls how a post is displayed. For instance, if you do five different posts in a row Garlic Computers Avacado Linux Tomatoes And you have […]

Changing where the navigation is placed in Twenty Seventeen

I has annoyed me for a while now that the Twenty Seventeen theme places the next/previous links at the bottom of the page under the comments. This stops people being able to easily see the next and previous articles, especially if there are comments. Changing where the navigation is placed in Twenty Seventeen Luckily it […]

KDE neon Google Drive setup

Setting up Google Drive access in KDE neon is very simple. Installing Google Drive Open Konsole and type, sudo apt-get install kio-gdrive Then, once it has installed,  open your menu and go to System Settings. You should find a new feature under Personalisation called Online Accounts. Clicking the plus sign in this will allow you […]