Webslice adds Lets Encrypt across the board!

I was playing around with one of my sites the other day and I realised it was running under https:// which was strange because I never bought a certificate or set it up. After a bit of playing around it appeared that two other sites worked under https:// as well. None of which were configured […]

Gnome Online Accounts – Credentials have expired

If you are having trouble with Gnome Online Accounts not logging into Google make sure you are fully updated and try again. Especially if you are getting the error “Credentials have expired”. If that doesn’t work, then open a terminal and try, pgrep goa-daemon | xargs kill -9 This will kill the Gnome Online Accounts […]

Facebook – Enough to make me nervous………

I have never managed to catch Facebook out, although I have tried once or twice, until today when I posted a link to Laudae Finem and then on a hunch I contacted an alt political friend and got him to look at my homepage. And what do you know, the last post he could see […]