Install Discord on Fedora 25

Discord is a voice and text chat application aimed at gamers but can be used by anyone. Is is currently available on Firefox, Opera, Chrome, Android, iPhone, Windows, OSX, and Linux….Basically everywhere.¬†Installing Discord on Fedora 25 is easy. Open a terminal and enable the copr repository. sudo dnf copr enable vishalv/discord-canary Then install with this […]

Gnome Online Accounts – Credentials have expired

If you are having trouble with Gnome Online Accounts not logging into Google make sure you are fully updated and try again. Especially if you are getting the error “Credentials have expired”. If that doesn’t work, then open a terminal and try, pgrep goa-daemon | xargs kill -9 This will kill the Gnome Online Accounts […]

Batch convert PDF to JPG

So, last night I needed to batch convert PDF files called v35_22_31_Auckland.pdf into JPG. Or to put it another way separate out the PDF’s pages and convert them into JPG images. I tried it a couple of ways including Converseen which did the job but renamed all the files badly and changed the image size […]