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The first online AGM in New Zealand history?

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Below is a copy of the discussions from the 2015 AGM of Internet Party Assets and the Internet Party. OK, it probably isn't the first online AGM in New Zealand but it is an interesting insight into IPNZ as the party recovered itself post election.

2015 AGM

(10:00:58) Moderator: :warning: Moderator Alert :: meeting of Internet Party Assets Inc begins :warning:

(10:01:48) Moderator: I (GrantK as Acting President of Internet Party Assets Inc) call this the first AGM of Internet Party Assets Inc open

(10:01:56) Moderator: First Business….

(10:02:21) Moderator: There is no business to be carried over as this is the first AGM of Internet Party Assets Inc

(10:03:43) Fred_Look: is there any record of any meeting of internet Party assets inc?

(10:03:53) Moderator: On behalf of Internet Party Assets Inc we of the Internet Party Executive Committee welcome all to this the first AGM of Internet Party Assets Inc. And also would like the record to state that this may well be the first fully online AGM held in NZ history.

(10:04:46) Moderator: @ Fred All questions will be answered after the report. Next onto the Annual Report of Internet Party Assets Inc

(10:04:55) Moderator: The report…

(10:05:21) Moderator: Report for Internet Party Assets Inc.

Upon the reformation of the Internet Party Executive Committee in early 2015, Internet Party Assets Inc Committee members that were at that time also Internet Party Executive Committee members those being;

(10:05:44) Moderator: Kim Dotcom; Internet Party Assets Inc. Party Visionary, Mikee Tucker; Internet Party Assets Inc. Committee President,
and Fred Look; Internet Party Assets Inc. Committee Secretary,

(10:06:02) Moderator: voted with a majority vote in favour of placing Internet Party Assets Inc as a not-trading, not-active society until such a time that new business arose. This vote was conducted at an Internet Party Executive Committee meeting during that reformation period.

(10:06:23) Moderator: No new business arose for Internet Party Assets Inc. and it was decided during the planning of this AGM that all committee members of Internet Party Assets Inc. be relinquished of their positions with 28 days notice as is in accordance with the Rules of Internet Party Assets Inc. and the Constitution of the Internet Party.

(10:06:39) Moderator: The memberships were relinquished due to inactivity on the part of the committee's members, no new business arising from the committee, and because the society having already been listed as not-trading and not-active.

(10:06:58) Moderator: The members were given the option and were welcomed to reapply for their previously held positions. The voting for those positions will occur at the next Internet Party Executive Committee meeting following this AGM.

(10:07:13) Moderator: With regards to financial reports; there are none other than those that have been administered by the Internet Party Executive Committee on behalf of Internet Party Assets Inc. to which the Party Secretary Fred Look will introduce with his Party Secretary Report at the Internet Party AGM (midday today).

(10:07:35) Moderator: On behalf of Internet Party Assets Inc. and as acting president of Internet Party Assets Inc. I wish to thank you all for attending this AGM and promise to all of the Internet Party membership that the future of the Internet Party will indeed be of a much brighter future.

(10:07:52) Moderator: Grant Keinzley
Internet Party Executive Committee Member
and Acting President for Internet Party Assets Inc.

(10:08:09) Moderator: *end of report

(10:09:01) Moderator: Will the secretarty of Internet Party Assets Inc and also of Internet Party Executive Committee please accept this report as the official report of Internet Party Assets Inc.?

(10:09:22) Lois_McClintock: accepted

(10:09:30) Fred_Look: Yes I accept that report

(10:09:41) Chris_Yong: accepted

(10:10:18) Melissa_Brown: Sorry Im late… had to deal with this:warning:

(10:10:25) Moderator: Ok now the floor is open for questions pertaining to this report and business related to Internet Party assets Inc. Please ask questions now and they will be answered by the committee one at a time

(10:11:13) (Jo) wonders if there are any further looking plans for managing IP assets (if any)

(10:12:12) Moderator: @Fred :: Question : There have been no meetings for Internet Party Assets as business was managed by the Internet Party Executive Committee once the committee had decided that Internet Party Assets Inc be listed as not-trading

(10:13:07) Moderator: @ Jo :: Question : Yes we will be holding an election for new formation of Internet Party Assets Inc at the next Internet Party Executive Committee

(10:13:19) Fred_Look: are we required to submit a financial report as "having been accepted at AGM on [date]"

(10:13:30) (Jo): Thanks @Moderator

(10:13:54) Stephen_Boyle: @fred I would have expected financial report

(10:14:01) Moderator: @ Fred :: Question : Yes we will need to attach the Internet Party Financial Report to this document

(10:14:25) Harre: Question - I believe the most important asset held by the party is currently the domain, does IP Assetts being placed into non trade, non active, affect this asset?

(10:15:02) Fred_Look: I hold the UAID for the domain

(10:15:16) Moderator: @ Harre:: Question : No it does not affect this or other assets as internet protection policies of NZ take care of this

(10:16:53) Melissa_Brown: sorry my net keeps dropping out and I have to retype shit. Ive emailed Fred a cuply ideas this morning re fundraising

(10:17:21) Fred_Look: @Harre Comment the most important asset of the party is its membership and electoral commission registration as a political party

(10:17:36) Stephen_Boyle: well said

(10:17:42) Moderator: @ Melissa :: Suggestion : Thanks Melissa Fred can bring those uyp at the next Internet Party Executive Meeting

(10:18:01) (TheGeekJo): I would be keen to hear any ideas for funding eg Meetups ETC. Our Wellington one is asking for Callum to pay

(10:18:12) Melissa_Brown: Sweet as

(10:18:49) Moderator: @ Jo :: Comment : This is an Executive Committee topic not an Internet Party Assets Inc topic

(10:19:12) Moderator: Any further questions regarding the tabled report?

(10:19:37) Lois_McClintock: not from me

(10:19:39) Melissa_Brown: Ive designed some bumper stickers that GP have offered to pay to get printed… could make 5g potentially

(10:20:24) Moderator: @ Melissa :: Suggestion : This will need to be approved by the Executive Committee before becoming an Asset

(10:21:03) Moderator: No other questions?

(10:21:30) Stephen_Boyle: Not from me

(10:21:34) Chris_Yong: none from me

(10:21:59) Moderator: Then as Acting President for Internet Party Assets I thank you all for your attendance and call this meeting to a close.

(10:22:10) Stephen_Boyle: Thanks Grant

(10:22:18) Fred_Look: thanks

(10:22:32) Moderator: :warning: Moderator Alert : Internet Party Assets Inc First AGM is no closed for business :warning:

(10:22:40) Moderator: wow we did it !!!!!!!!

(10:22:46) Lois_McClintock: Thanks Grant :)
I'll be over in general chat for a bit if anyone wants to chat. Otherwise see you all back here at 12 for the main AGM!

(10:36:44) Moderator: :warning: A minutes report pertaining to this meeting will be made public and available online (at the Internet Party website) in the coming days :warning:

(11:47:47) Fred_Look: [color=aqua][/color]

(11:53:36) ChatBot: Harre rolls 1d6 and gets 4.

(11:54:12) Joseph_Booth: Is that the vote picker ;) @Harre

(11:56:48) Joseph_Booth waves at some long unseen names.

(11:57:19) Harre: Absolutely

(11:57:56) Moderator: :warning: Internet Party AGM about to start please refrain from personal conversations until after the meeting. Thank you. :warning:

(12:00:01) Moderator: :warning: Internet Party First AGM Now In Session :warning: Over to Chris Yong…

(12:00:43) Chris_Yong: Hi all member and welcome to the first Internet Party AGM

(12:01:29) Chris_Yong: As Internet Party Executive Committee member I now call this AGM open.

(12:01:52) Melissa_Brown: do we have a quorum?

(12:02:09) Melissa_Brown: whats the membership numbers

(12:02:23) Moderator: :warning: Questions please after the report :warning:

(12:02:59) Chris_Yong: The agenda for todays' meeting is:

(12:03:05) Melissa_Brown: point of order they are legit

(12:03:10) Chris_Yong: 1. Secretary/President report

(12:03:18) Chris_Yong: 2. Financial Report

(12:03:27) Chris_Yong: 3. Election of Executive Committee members

(12:03:37) Chris_Yong: 4. 2014 Election Review and Experiences

(12:04:23) Melissa_Brown: alguds ive said karakia any apologies?

(12:05:01) Moderator: :warning: Please no interuptions from the floor until the floor has been opened :warning:

(12:05:30) Chris_Yong: I would like to also state the Report from IP assets inc.soc has been tabled at today's earlier meeting. I would now like to hand things over to the Party Secretary for the reports.

(12:05:36) Melissa_Brown: proper process is good if this is an actual agm

(12:05:47) Melissa_Brown: minutes wise and stuff

(12:07:01) Chris_Yong: @Melissa, as the moderator said, lets address questions following the reports. Thank you.

(12:07:56) Secretary: Much of the time period of this report covers times and events where I was not in the position of Party Secretary. Information in this report pertaining to those periods have been presented to myself in hindsight by others. It is my task to provide this report for the AGM, and I have attempted to present those time periods as accurately as possible.

(12:08:17) Secretary: After the 2014 New Zealand General Election, the Internet Party entered a period where it lacked direction. The workers that had been on contracts, which ended post election, disbanded and the website and party forum were shut down. There was no longer a source of funds available for operations. The only remaining members space was the policy incubator platform. Resignation of the Party Leader, Party Secretary and most of the Executive Committee occured, and the election of the current Executive Committee was organised on 23 February 2015.

(12:08:36) Secretary: Many thanks to Michael Marsom and the others on the Organisational Structure and Internal Party Democracy thread on Loomio who made this happen!

(12:08:54) Secretary: The elected Executive Committee then took over running the party with no website access, incomplete membership data, and a dis-empowered membership. Furthermore, there was misconduct in our remaining open forum which could not be moderated as we did not have administrative access at that time. This resulted in a further disengagement of membership. Party Secretary (Michael Marsom) resigned, which required my uptake of the position. The task of Party Secretary is not a small undertaking, and I was forced to prioritise. The immediate task was to file the annual return to the Electoral Commission. This completed, I was confronted with a flood of complaints, constitutional crises, and further disengagement of members stemming from the misconduct of an Executive Committee member. The Executive Committee removed this member using section:8.18 of the Party Constitution on 24 May 2015.

(12:09:23) Melissa_Brown: sorry im out… not representive at all of membership

(12:09:32) Secretary: After continued efforts and false starts, administrative access to the website was achieved. On 6 July 2015, Executive Committee member Grant Keinzley was able to get the site live again. My first priority task through all of this was to build a membership database, load the partial lists, all members' online declarations, and merge these into a complete list in a usable format. With the website running and a membership list, the Executive Committee then moved on to arrange this AGM.

(12:09:54) Secretary: This period since the election has exposed some serious flaws in the establishment of the party. Unfortunately, my time has been consumed with the tasks of unearthing and rebuilding information which should have been handed to me when I became Party Secretary. Without a website or membership list, the Executive Committee were unable to put anything to action, progress anything, or even communicate what was happening to the members. This set the Executive Committee back months at a critical time for the party.

(12:10:16) Secretary: As well as this, it appears that the connection between Party Secretary and trading company (IP PHASE 1) was not fully established. So this means that the financial information from our trading company is not available to the Party Secretary and this company appears to have largely operated independently of the Party Secretary in the past.

(12:10:46) Secretary: The trading company was financially exhausted by the campaign and could not continue trading. Internet Party Assets Inc. the entity that was supposed to link the Executive Committee to the Company was in hibernation. The Executive Committee decided to allow the directors of IP Phase 1 to wind down that company and to rebuild under Internet Party Assets Inc. when the party is financially able to do so.

(12:11:11) Secretary: A new bank account has been established for the party, and the Executive Committee are in the process of forming new financial controls operated by the Executive Committee and the Party Secretary.

(12:11:33) Zane_Archer: I'm happy the party's surviving, is there anything I can do to help?

(12:11:38) Secretary: It is very much up to you now . More than anything else the party needs a critical mass of membership involvement and engagement. Get involved, build a consensus with other members of what you want this party to be, and then make it so.

(12:12:05) Secretary: Fred Look
Party Secretary
Internet Party

(12:12:33) Secretary: after a moment financial report follows

(12:12:39) Moderator: Zane_Archer please questions when the floor is opened

(12:12:52) Zane_Archer: Give me a facebook post I can share on my page and I'll see who's willing to support.

(12:13:05) Secretary: AGM 2015 – Financial Report

(12:13:22) Secretary: The party's finances through 2014 were managed by the trading company IP Phase1 Inc. The budget and expenditure information from this company was not made available to the Party Secretary upon the reformation of the party's Executive Committee in 2015.

(12:13:37) Secretary: The only financial information received for this period was the Annual Return to the Electoral Commission which was submitted on the basis that all transactions had been recorded by, and the return prepared by a professional from an independent firm of accountants.

(12:13:50) Secretary: This return is publicly available at the Electoral Commission.

(12:14:05) Secretary: The Executive Committee having no controls over IP Phase1 Inc. and it being non-trading company for the period of early 2015 until the present the Executive Committee of the Internet Party agreed that IP Phase1 Inc. be wound down for eventual closure.

(12:14:20) Secretary: To accommodate these actions a new bank account for the Internet Party was established and it is being operated by consent of Executive Committee and Party Secretary.

(12:14:31) Secretary: The planned appointment of a Treasurer after this AGM will formalise this new infrastructure.

(12:14:45) Secretary: Going forward, all party financial transactions will be undertaken with the full knowledge of the Party Secretary and full disclosure of all financial transactions can be expected.

(12:15:01) Secretary: Bank Account THE INTERNET PARTY
(02-0304-0038016-000) Date
(00/00/00) Notes
Opening balance $0.00 03/08/15 -
Income - Membership $1.99 - -
Income - Donations $396.65 - -
Payments $243.68 - Amazon web hosting for website and mail server for July, 2015
Closing Balance $154.96 03/11/15 -

(12:15:30) Secretary: In the event of shortfalls between donations and expenditure, the Party Secretary has been personally covering these shortfalls.

This is an urgent situation that we must address.

(12:15:59) Secretary: Shortfalls are as listed:
Listed Shortfall Amount Date
Web hosting fees (Amazon) $248.61 August 2015
Web hosting fees (Amazon) $238.24 September 2015

(12:16:17) Secretary: It is the intention of the Secretary to present these invoices when/if the party can/will afford them.

(12:16:35) Secretary: Fred Look
Party Secretary
Internet Party

(12:16:41) Harre: For easier reading - AGM 2015 – Report From Internet Party Secretary​age_id=800 and the AGM 2015 – Financial Report​age_id=802

(12:17:10) Joseph_Booth: Thanks @Harre and @Secretary

(12:18:43) Moderator: .

(12:19:13) Chris_Yong: Thanks Fred. The next item on the agenda is election of Executive Committee members.

(12:21:15) Chris_Yong: The Internet Party is looking to elect a president, membership director and additional Executive Committee members. Voting is currently open at​tes/ and closes at midnight tonight.

(12:21:46) Zane_Archer: How do we judge who's worth of presidency?

(12:22:12) Joseph_Booth: Is there a public listing of the existing Executive Committee somewhere?

(12:22:16) Moderator: :warning: Please questions when the floor has been opened

(12:22:30) Joseph_Booth hides again

(12:22:41) Zane_Archer: When is the floor opened?

(12:23:01)Harre: (whispers to Joseph_Booth)​age_id=697 Exec bios

(12:23:06) Fred_Look:​age_id=697 is the place for candidate Bios

(12:23:11) Moderator: :warning: After the 4th part :warning:

(12:23:19)Harre: (whispers to Zane_Archer)​age_id=697 exec bios

(12:23:29) Zane_Archer: When's that? I only got 40 minutes.

(12:23:33) Chris_Yong: If you have not already voted as part of the advanced voting, I encourage all members to do so before midnight tonight.

(12:25:20) Chris_Yong: The next agenda item is 2014 Election Review and Experiences. As part of this AGM, this is an opportunity now for members to share thoughts and feedback on this event.

(12:25:44) Moderator: :warning: Floor is open :warning:

(12:25:53) Joseph_Booth rejoices

(12:26:16) Harre: :)

(12:26:39) Harre: Who wants to start?

(12:26:45) (Tin_foil_cap): Where do we start?

(12:26:46) Zane_Archer: If it's feedback time then I'd like to hear about how we judge who's worth of doing what, if we work on this procedure until it's efficient then all procedures that stem from it will be more productive.

(12:26:55) Moderator: I would like to start with….although we did not achieve our goals in the last election I felt as a "from nowhere" party we did ok

(12:27:27) Joseph_Booth: My experience in the election as a Wellington / Upper Hutt Meetup Coordinator and Social Media team member that everyone official vanished. Disarray. Mana people were the only ones that seemed to stick about.

(12:27:43) (Tin_foil_cap): Remarkable in the scheme of things but some strategic mistakes

(12:27:52) Joseph_Booth: Kudos to the team for pulling things back from that

(12:27:56) Zane_Archer: Maori's are loyal to the land, it's good to have their support.

(12:28:01) Debbie_Stanley: Actually, as a from nowhere party inventing itself on the fly we did phnomenally.

(12:28:15) Joseph_Booth: Aye, Debbie_Stanley we did good

(12:28:28) Zane_Archer: What resources did you utilize to get yourself on the fly?

(12:29:01) (Tin_foil_cap): Feel we lost our way as 'issues based party'

(12:29:03) Joseph_Booth: Zane_Archer just jamming people together in a room and talking lead to some great things.

(12:29:40) Joseph_Booth: (Tin_foil_cap) Agree. much of the negative came from one or two issues.

(12:29:50) Fred_Look: there did not seem to be any organised attempt to utilise the membership , it may have been different in urban areas but for me with just the internet i felt underutilised

(12:29:50) Zane_Archer: Indeed, now how can we utilize FaceBook which jams people together and leads to great things for America(spyware included)

(12:30:06) Harre: I think the entire effort got caught up in fairly land. The party burnt through 5mil according to KDC's lawyer and got maybe 100 ppl a year later. Each of us is worth $50,000 though.

(12:30:26) Zane_Archer: What makes us worht $50,000?

(12:30:37) Joseph_Booth: Zane_Archer I prefer the face-to-face stuff. Facebook is all good - but yea, people intent is easier when you're talking face to face

(12:30:37) Harre: 5mil / 100

(12:30:50) Moderator: belief is what makes us worth 50k

(12:30:56) Joseph_Booth: ;)

(12:31:12) Jeremy_Peaks: The social media support during the election runup was awesome. Not just the official twitter and facebook site but from lots of followers tweeting about the IP

(12:31:22) Harre: Belief is worth more than 50,000

(12:31:26) (Tin_foil_cap): Merge with radical left was not issues based

(12:31:35) Zane_Archer: So we'll be more valuable if we can do the same job with less people, if we find people we can build to that quality then we'll have quantity x quality

(12:31:36) Moderator: @Harre indeed

(12:31:45) Fred_Look: ahh thats good to hear jeremy

(12:31:51) Joseph_Booth: One thing that is still 'there' is a lot of the legacy. e.g. Meetup organised by people who aren't there. Google groups and DOcs.

(12:31:57) Zane_Archer: Yes, a strong social media influence will be very beneficial to the Internet Party.

(12:31:59) Joseph_Booth: Where should all that go?

(12:32:36) Chris_Yong: My feedback is that I don't think there was enough time for strategic planning with the election campaign, it all happened very quickly and we weren't prepared enough.

(12:32:44) Zane_Archer: If we find people that have a social media influence from foreign country's then we'll have people that can discuss a wide range of politics. If we combine the best of all world's we'll be the best.

(12:32:47) Joseph_Booth: Chris_Yong +1

(12:33:02) Troy_Haronga : Speking of groups do we have a actual IP group chat on facebook?

(12:33:14) Joseph_Booth: Troy_Haronga there's a few

(12:33:36) Zane_Archer: Do we have a facebook group? Instead of just a like page.

(12:33:42) Harre: No, can you do that…oh bugger. I am to blame for that.

(12:33:51) Joseph_Booth: The Social Media Volunteers gorup is all good

(12:34:09) Joseph_Booth: Friends of IP --​909763839039935/

(12:34:17) Lois_McClintock: As someone who wasn't auckland based, I found that we ended up being a bit isolated and missed out on communications that we should have had. Something to remember going forward

(12:34:38) Fred_Look: lois +1

(12:35:15) Joseph_Booth: Lois_McClintock +1 -- I had a core of keen people and nothing to do but vote.

(12:36:11) Joseph_Booth: Our Wellington Candidate disappeared to Auckland, Anna was great, but same thing. Left with James, Paul and myself holding the ground in Wellington

(12:36:29) Zane_Archer: What about a group named NZ Internet Party so it's obvious who we are, honesty is a good way to gain support especially from foreign country's that influence our media and economy.

(12:36:32) Joseph_Booth: The Mana core were fantastic to tap into

(12:36:54) Chris_Yong: I'd like to see the party return its focus to internet/digital/technology. I also think we have some challenges ahead to reshape public perception.

(12:37:00) Moderator: unfortunately and yes I know the wellington story, Callum was called as he was managing the social media, too much for a candidate to do

(12:37:12) Harre: Others have complained about that on the Facebook page, the candidate choosing process seemed to alienate a lot of people with messages not getting returned and no face wtp face meetings.

(12:37:15) Lois_McClintock: I think our communication NZ wide was lacking. Which as the internet party, we really had a myriad of options over the net to use to communicate, but didn't utilise

(12:37:34) Joseph_Booth: Aye.

(12:37:35) Colin_Smith: CHris_Young +1

(12:37:45) Joseph_Booth: Chris_Yong +1

(12:37:48) Zane_Archer: We'd have the support of Americas if we were to develop NZ in a way that makes us as economically efficient as China, they have a huge influence international and as the USA lead in arms development such information would be of great value to them and they'd use their tech(including spyware) in our favor.

(12:37:48) Lois_McClintock: Chris +1

(12:38:03) Jeremy_Peaks: In hindsight one thing that became apparent is that most New Zealanders got fed up with hearing about dirty politics and mass surviellance. Thats not to say we shouldn't champion those issues because we should, but I have a feeling next time its better not to go head on against the PM. Clearly he has too much influence and easily managed to turn the majority against us. I think we need to find a way to have the same concerns but not in a direct attacking way in order to win more votes

(12:38:30) Harre: Crosby and textor.

(12:38:40) Joseph_Booth: Zane_Archer mmm, lets do it the NZ way, not the US way. Be Awesome enough, and people will come to us

(12:39:04) Lois_McClintock: I didnt like the john key puppet posters. I didnt feel we should be attacking individuals. no matter how we might feel about them. Should be policy and democracy, not personal attacks

(12:39:07) Moderator: Joseph_Booth +1

(12:39:10) Joseph_Booth: Jeremy_Peaks +1 yeah - that did polarise perception.

(12:39:25) Zane_Archer: Yes mass surveilience would put off America, what if we took the leading position by learning how America utilitizes it. If we leave control to them then we'll be at a disadvantage.

(12:39:33) Joseph_Booth: Lois_McClintock +1 yes - we should keep it clean

(12:39:39) Chris_Yong: Jeremy_Peaks +1 agree.

(12:40:01) Lois_McClintock: jeremy +1 joseph +1

(12:40:21) Harre: @Zane, I would be more in favour of a system that helps defeat it.

(12:40:22) Fred_Look: somehow we need to get away fro confrontational, If we can position ourselves as the place for reliable thoughtful relevant information on issue we will be in a good place

(12:40:26) Zane_Archer: A clean way to get information is through FaceBook groups without hiding anything, I gain lots of political information without the need to play dirty.

(12:40:40) Lois_McClintock: fred +1

(12:40:53) Jeremy_Peaks: fred + 1

(12:40:56) Joseph_Booth: So how do we 'increase the bandwidth' and get a common nationwide vision and focus again?

(12:41:00) Zane_Archer: A way that defeats it would be acting more cost efficient, China's economics defeat America in the long term therefore if we're learning to be cost efficient we're in favor to both America and China

(12:41:05) Fred_Look: and thats where having electorate candidates on the ground from very soon doing just that will help

(12:41:14) Zane_Archer: If we treat information like a trust fund then we'd be like an international bank.

(12:41:32) Moderator: Fred_Look +1

(12:41:51) Joseph_Booth: Fred_Look - yes - agree - get people caring about their patch again

(12:42:29) Zane_Archer: I'm right at the bottom, I work for $3 65 per hour and am on the unemployment benefit but I am great at collecting mass amounts of information. I will not accept high paying jobs without people at the bottom being brought up alongside me.

(12:42:46) Jeremy_Peaks: Actually I thought our communication was excellent as I said, social media-wise I honestly don't think we could have done better. If only we could get more mainstream media attention though. Maybe some publicity things that most NZers will watch. Remember only a very select niche watch the political programmes

(12:42:49) Chris_Yong: The other thing to recognise is 'facts and figures' alone won't win an election. Internet Party was up against very established parties. Most voters I think voted on who they trusted the most, not policies unfortunately.

(12:43:46) Moderator: Chris_Yong true but I think we made some groundbreaking stuff with open policies

(12:43:51) Zane_Archer: Yes we need things that NZer's would watch but the gaming industry and US media tend to dominate the minds of most people here, therefore learning how they utilize that information and applying it in a fashion that suits our country from the bottom to the top would be in everyone's favor.

(12:44:05) Chris_Yong: Internet Party policies were in many ways far superior to other parties.

(12:44:32) Joseph_Booth: Chris_Yong +1

(12:44:59) Zane_Archer: What IP policies lacked though are the things that put NZ citizens in favor of our ideals, they're distracted by what Labour and National post. If you understand how they do it then you can understand how they get that influence and that influence is what we could utilize.

(12:45:00) Moderator: I still say "we may not of won but we created a lot of benchmarks that make us a viable solution for nz politics"

(12:45:02) Joseph_Booth: I think we need to continue that open transparent approach.

(12:45:04) Debbie_Stanley: Chris, another good reason to gt real people, cndidates, out in public, establishing credibility, as soon as possible.

(12:45:07) Jeremy_Peaks: agree Chris, this was one frustrating thing is that pretty much everyone I spoke to always talked about IP like it was a ridiculous party with no policies, yet they had no idea what the policies were

(12:46:14) Joseph_Booth: Jeremy_Peaks yup - they knew one thing that was wrong, and ignored the rest

(12:46:18) Moderator: .

(12:46:24) Debbie_Stanley: say's I right aftr Fred has told us we have no money.

(12:46:26) Chris_Yong: Evidenced based, not ideology driven, what the party needs to strengthen is how we 'SELL' the value of our policies to the general public with integrity and credibility.

(12:46:28) Harre: Yes, I ran into that a lot as well. But policies appears to be a hard sell. A lot of money was thrown at facebook posts about policy dunring the lead up to the election.

(12:47:05) Zane_Archer: John Keys for example uses a false image to promote NZ in order to sell us off as more valuable then we are, similar to how Donald Trump trolls the public. If we set up a fake image that was more true than the one John Keys presents then it would help bridge the gap between true and fake and we can work off all that is false in small steps. We can't educate masses instantly, it takes time therefore we need to be cost efficient in both intellect and finances.

(12:47:21) Joseph_Booth: Debbie_Stanley Paid candidates was all good with KDC's money, but local volunteers I think can help

(12:47:24) Jeremy_Peaks: Yes Debbie, and not being seen as an angry party

(12:47:50) Joseph_Booth: Chris_Yong +1

(12:48:36) Debbie_Stanley: Agreed Jo

(12:48:38) Zane_Archer: Remember the competition, learn the game before changing it.

(12:48:57) Harre: Nobody has mentioned the KDC image factor as well. We became known as the party run by the fat german in order to get him out of being extradited for theft.

(12:49:19) Jeremy_Peaks: Harre + 1

(12:49:25) Zane_Archer: Yes, that was an image play used against us. John Key's is good at that. Learn the game or the high up players will crush us like noobs.

(12:49:33) Jeremy_Peaks: so true. John Key capitalised on that

(12:49:35) Stephen_Boyle: Harre +1

(12:49:38) Zane_Archer: I have 14 minutes left, any other topics to discuss?

(12:49:49) Lois_McClintock: @debbie and @joseph I think there would be plenty of people happy to do it without being paid. From my understanding all candidates went into the process volunteering and not expecting to be paid. I personally didnt expect to be and only got paid for the 3 weeks I actually took off work.

(12:49:51) Zane_Archer: What does KDC stand for?

(12:49:51) Joseph_Booth: I did a fair bit of door knocking around Wellington. It was refreshing and disheartening. Wild enthusiasm from some, hostility from others

(12:49:56) Lois_McClintock: Harre +1

(12:50:04) Zane_Archer: What kind of hostility?

(12:50:04) Joseph_Booth: Kim Dom Com ;) Zane_Archer

(12:50:17) Harre: That needs to be turned around to backign a New Zealand resident, which he is. One of us!

(12:50:34) Zane_Archer: I'll elaborate on people's feelings so you can deal with it more cost efficiently.

(12:51:24) Joseph_Booth: Zane_Archer I think a lot of people were sick of all politics by the time the election came around. much of hostility was due to that. dirty politics

(12:51:44) Jeremy_Peaks: Is KDC still associated with the party?

(12:51:48) Zane_Archer: Give me an example of hostility you saw. Make it as visible as possible.

(12:52:04) Joseph_Booth: Hence my question ealier - Who is Current Exec?

(12:52:05) Fred_Look: we do need to recognise that any party left of labour is higher priority to crush than the nats

(12:52:18) Stephen_Boyle: Hostility was a media beat up

(12:53:02) Zane_Archer: Only crush people in ways that build them to becoming better people

(12:53:14) Moderator: Joseph_Booth Current Exec are FredL, ChrisY, LoisM, GrantK, and KimDC

(12:53:15) Zane_Archer: Only build people in ways that build them to crush worse people.

(12:53:26) Zane_Archer: #illuminati

(12:53:27) Joseph_Booth: Moderator :)

(12:53:50) Jeremy_Peaks: thx mod, I thought he was voted in but I never hear anything about him

(12:53:56) Harre: No, lois isn't full exec

(12:54:22) Moderator: full or not full she is

(12:54:22) Jeremy_Peaks: still, if that is strategy then that is a good idea as it's best he doesn't have the public association anymore after what happened last time

(12:54:24) Harre: Until 12pm :)

(12:54:54) Lois_McClintock: 12am :p

(12:55:04) Harre: True dat

(12:55:07) Jeremy_Peaks: Nothing against KDC at all, I have a lot of respect for him, but clearly his image is now tarnished and it's not going to help the IP

(12:55:15) Zane_Archer: Accept everyone we can afford that helps us afford more, being able to deal with the issues of everyone is fundamental in politics.

(12:55:16) Fred_Look: i do think he recognises that

(12:55:34) Harre: (whispers to Lois_McClintock) Midnight, lol.

(12:55:35) Zane_Archer: Helping people to understand KDC will be more beneficial then trashing him.

(12:56:04) Stephen_Boyle: He hasn't lost the case yet

(12:56:08) Zane_Archer: Trashing him gives us the image of people who trash people, we don't want to be detrimental to Germans. They make great engineers.

(12:56:12) Zane_Archer: Ok that's good.

(12:56:21) Lois_McClintock: (whispers) the 12 that was not just now but later haha

(12:56:28) Chris_Yong: In the interests of time, I'd like to suggest we move on to the next agenda item which is Party Building. We can continue the election discussion in our forum post AGM, alright?

(12:56:39) Harre: 1,000,000 people weren't born in New ZEaland and live here. If they want to castigate KDC then they castigate all those people.

(12:56:42) Zane_Archer: Ok lets continue, 7 minutes left.

(12:56:49) Joseph_Booth: aye Chris_Yong

(12:56:54) Zane_Archer: Party building is important.

(12:57:10) Moderator: :warning: Next Agenda Topic Opened :warning:

(12:57:12) Troy_Haronga : If he wins the case that would really be beneficial to the party.

(12:57:13) Stephen_Boyle: The way forward

(12:57:38) Zane_Archer: Lets hope he wins then, spread whatever information teaches people how he's beneficial and that will build a strong positive image.

(12:57:42) Joseph_Booth: I think we need be sustainable

(12:58:05) Stephen_Boyle: In terms of green energy

(12:58:11) Harre: Funding.

(12:58:11) Stephen_Boyle: ?

(12:58:13) Joseph_Booth: Fred_Look shouldn't have to pay out his own pocket

(12:58:24) Joseph_Booth: Harre +1

(12:58:26) Lois_McClintock: joseph +1

(12:58:28) Zane_Archer: Information that is accepted by masses makes us more sustainable therefore information is priority. 2nd priority are people's welfare, 3rd priority is currency.

(12:58:34) Troy_Haronga : If it wins, it will prove that the current government is corrupt and needs to be replaced

(12:58:35) Chris_Yong: Ok the purpose of discussing Party Building is to share ideas focusing on what the party can do to move forward and progress to the next election. Share away.

(12:58:46) Moderator: Funding is imperitive and we will be launching some cost saving measures soon to

(12:59:25) Zane_Archer: We don't need to prove a government is corrupt. We need to prove what's good about it so that people learn, once they understand they'll automatically ignore the rest of what's said like the corrupt trash it is. That's the best way to do so while sustaining a positive image.

(12:59:25) Lois_McClintock: I think we need to start building our bases again across the country and get people involved again

(12:59:42) Zane_Archer: I agree Lois.

(12:59:49) Zane_Archer: Social networking is a valuable tool.

(12:59:54) Stephen_Boyle: Other forms of sponsorship beyond kdc?

(13:00:04) Joseph_Booth: I think we can still build a lot without money - but to keep our 'ship' in the water and consolidate the vision - we should keep building

(13:00:10) Lois_McClintock: I think we need to lead by example as well, so we should be getting involved in the community under the IP banner. let them see we arent all shut away crazies

(13:00:12) Zane_Archer: How do we attract sponsors?

(13:00:22) Joseph_Booth: Lois_McClintock +1

(13:00:24) Zane_Archer: Most I could think of was posting on FB.

(13:00:44) Stephen_Boyle: IT based companies?

(13:00:55) Moderator: @ Stephen we are working on some yes

(13:01:14) Stephen_Boyle: MegaNet?

(13:01:18) Lois_McClintock: Donors - not sponsors. We can't be branded as being sponsored…

(13:01:28) Zane_Archer: Yes we need to lead by example, the best example is one that motivates people to lead others by example but we must pay attention to how they're being led on right now. Our children are being led on by the media.

(13:01:36) Stephen_Boyle: ok Donors

(13:01:37) Joseph_Booth: I would like to see more press releases. not just facebook posts. spread our vision to the masses

(13:01:39) Harre: Half the problem isn't getting the people, it is keeping them. You don't just need to get people to sign up, you need to create a world for them that is socially acceptable and truer than the one they have now.

(13:01:45) Zane_Archer: People care about their children a lot.

(13:01:51) Moderator: Lois_McClintock +1

(13:01:59) Joseph_Booth: I think we need to do that before we'll start to get people 'buying' into us

(13:02:00) Chris_Yong: I think we need to get some basic operational systems in place to enable the party. Communication is a key area which needs improved tools to help mobilise all involved.

(13:02:05) Zane_Archer: If you have influence over people's children they'll keep you as much as they want to keep their children.

(13:02:31) Jeremy_Peaks: WHat about international donors? Do we have a bitcoin donation account for example, or is that against electoral rules?

(13:02:46) Harre: Interne Party - Cyfs wing?

(13:03:04) Zane_Archer: We'll only gain international donations if we act in a way that supports foreign policies. America & China would be the top 2 that come into my mind.

(13:03:21) Zane_Archer: We'll only sustain international donations*

(13:03:25) Harre: Sorry, err, er do have, or did have, a lot of followers in the US on our facebook.

(13:03:46) Joseph_Booth: Harre there's a lot of US ppl ;)

(13:03:49) Stephen_Boyle: pity lost contact with many

(13:04:05) Tim_Hutchinson: Hi All

(13:04:13) Stephen_Boyle: Hi Tim

(13:04:23) Colin_Smith: I thought Kim was starting a US IP party?

(13:04:25) Moderator: welcome Tim

(13:04:26) Harre: And 2000 ppl in Turkey as well

(13:04:37) Jeremy_Peaks: Not from my mind. I'm thinking probably any other countries, those that are promotors of internet freedom and removing mass surveillance. Maybe associating with wikileaks more?

(13:05:16) Moderator: A branch of us opened in Argentina unofficially

(13:05:19) Joseph_Booth: It really only takes one voice. Members and Donors we need heaps of, but voices.. less

(13:05:28) Troy_Haronga : What about focusing on our own people. We really need to find out what will benefit all people in our country as a whole. To much risk invoveld in raising the minimium wage in one hit. We need to raise it each year by 1 dollar if we are going to do something like that. That way we can monitor the outcome slowly.

(13:05:29) Harre: Yes, becoming the outlet for whistleblowers in NZ would be curious

(13:05:56) Joseph_Booth: Troy_Haronga yeah, talk locally

(13:06:06) Tim_Hutchinson: The most important thing is to put forward policies the New Zealanders can relate to. We need to do it our way and to heck with what other countries think. We did it once with our anti nuclear policy. not we need something new.

(13:06:11) Troy_Haronga : We also really need to sort out this settlement issue with the Te tiriti or waitangi

(13:06:18) Jeremy_Peaks: Harre + 1 exactlt the kind of thing that could get international support and donations

(13:06:30) Harre: Joining Pirate Party international would be a good move. We don't need to change our name or policies except for the copyright one and we already have that in place largely

(13:06:39) Lois_McClintock: troy +1

(13:06:55) Joseph_Booth: Harre you on the Slack?

(13:07:26) Harre: maybe, maybe not. I forget where I am haalf the time:))

(13:07:35) Harre: Let's say no.

(13:07:38) Jeremy_Peaks: Harre can you imagine what that would do for our reputation in NZ? I think it would be very bad

(13:07:39) Troy_Haronga : Pirate party has been branded as to rebelious though main stream media. It will not win unless we can gain control of the media which is unlikely since its main supporters are natioal memeberes

(13:07:41) Joseph_Booth: Harre yeah, That seems a good move, but some hesitation from Exec?

(13:08:12) Lois_McClintock: I personally dont agree with joining the pirate party

(13:08:15) Harre: That was Starypy concerned I think.

(13:08:18) Troy_Haronga : Me too

(13:08:28) Harre: Starpy, lol

(13:08:30) Stephen_Boyle: Pirate Party is not a registered party in nz
(13:08:37) Harre: Why Lois?

(13:08:40) Troy_Haronga : Lets focus on our own and rebuilding its roots

(13:08:43) Joseph_Booth: I think we can stand on our own feet in the short term. Liaisons are ok - but being swallowed is less

(13:08:49) Tim_Hutchinson: Come out flatly against the TPP, no compromise. Look back to when we were great. we were not being run by the bean counters, A fairer Tax system, that sort of thing.

(13:09:10) Lois_McClintock: @Harre I think we need to retain our own identity for now :)

(13:09:25) Stephen_Boyle: Lois +1

(13:09:26) Joseph_Booth: Tim_Hutchinson I'm more a moderate on TPP.

(13:09:33) Jeremy_Peaks: Lois_McClintock +1

(13:09:33) Joseph_Booth: Lois_McClintock +1

(13:09:46) Debbie_Stanley: Lois +1

(13:09:48) Fred_Look: someone needs to stand up and say no more running everything on funny money at interest.

(13:09:50) Harre: (whispers to Joseph_Booth) Yes, I think I am…or at least IU remember making a request.

(13:10:15) Melissa_Brown: omg caw caaaaawwww

(13:10:50) Joseph_Booth: wb Melissa_Brown - you missed some good talk

(13:11:03) Chris_Yong: IP Identity: retain, rebuild, grow, and evolve.

(13:11:16) Lois_McClintock: chris +1

(13:11:19) Joseph_Booth: Chris_Yong yup

(13:11:37) Melissa_Brown: The "Internet party" needs to disband and regroup.

(13:11:43) Melissa_Brown: I hardly doubt it. Nothing that wasnt said 4 years ago
13:11:48) Tim_Hutchinson: Definitive policies are what is needed, no wishy washy run of the mill stuff.

(13:12:00) Joseph_Booth: Tim_Hutchinson totally

(13:12:24) Joseph_Booth: Melissa_Brown this is the regroup discussion - we disbanded after election ;)

(13:12:27) Lois_McClintock: Tim +1

(13:12:47) Stephen_Boyle: Jo +1

(13:12:51) Jeremy_Peaks: I thought we had definitive policies last election, and they were far from run of the mill

(13:12:55) Melissa_Brown: I spent most of the last campaign explaining kdc instead of focusing on policy… build a bridge

(13:13:43) Troy_Haronga : Melissa_Brown, so true, Me too, Having to defend Kim Dotcom while campaigning

(13:13:54) Melissa_Brown: Has Internetana officially disbanded?

(13:14:13) Lois_McClintock: There were some policies that were rushed through and I dont feel followed the process that they should have as far as input from the people. I personally complained about a few of these.

(13:14:15) Troy_Haronga : I would think so

(13:14:22) Melissa_Brown: *Internet Mana

(13:14:30) Joseph_Booth: Melissa_Brown I believe so. All my good election photos are on InternetMana

(13:14:44) Joseph_Booth: s/on/of

(13:14:52) Harre: Oh, and this isn't really Party Building, maybe it is. I formally remove any complaints over James Abbot due to the Loomio fiasco. My part in that ends here. I may not like him, but many others do and as I am out today, the Exec can feel free to decide his membership (if he requests one) or not on it's own merits.

(13:15:11) Fred_Look: @mel thats a sore point with me we were supposed to meet 6 weeks after election and formally agree where we were at, didnt happen

(13:15:17) Melissa_Brown: The policies were awesome and clear cut

(13:15:57) Melissa_Brown: How they were put out (or not) was the responsibility of the camdidates. Modt of whom are not here

(13:16:02) Melissa_Brown: most

(13:16:09) Tim_Hutchinson: there are things in NZ that should be run by either local or national government. Water and waste water, kiwi rail, Air NZ, Prisons, and I am sure there are a few more. Why should we as a country allow our hard earned dollars to be sent overseas for items of national good.

(13:16:14) Joseph_Booth: Harre Appreciate that. James is a good guy - not sure what happened with him and Exec.

(13:16:32) Harre: Nuff said.

(13:16:42) Joseph_Booth: Harre :)

(13:16:57) Melissa_Brown: Anyone could still call that

(13:16:58) Moderator: Tim_Hutchinson +1

(13:17:41) Melissa_Brown: I think we've all recovered from our post traumatic stress syndrome now lol

(13:17:48) Chris_Yong: Melissa_Brown as I understand it, Internet Mana was an agreement between both parties that would stay in place until 6 weeks after election. At that point, if in parliament, it could be reviewed and renegotiated. My assumption is due to election result, the agreement ended with no review.

(13:18:04) Stephen_Boyle: Tim +1, stop Labor selling our assets

(13:18:04) Lois_McClintock: Right so more suggestions for ways forward?

(13:18:32) Moderator: Internet Party Community Projects

(13:18:38) Harre: Have a look at the Pirate Party site for ideas.

All minutes, exec resolutions, everything should be on line.

Have a look at joining PP international, they have some good policy and if will protect you from a Strypy problem.

You need to write the manifesto of the Internet Party.

Re branding of the Facebook, Twitter, etc…will be needed after the AGM

Getting control of all media accounts, eg;twitter etc… and creation of new ones on new sites needs to be done.

Borrow policy from the left and right if it is good policy, refuse to be branded as anything except what is true.

Color scheme needs to be bought back in line.

Create a darknet version of the site. (freenet or GNU net or something)

Point whistle blowers to wikileaks or create your own place for them to come to.

Create an IP member account with an ISP.

Follow the constitution, especially for IP Assetts, it is illegal not to.

Run your own version of Loomio, the other one can be overrun if anyone cares to.

Instead of donations, run

(13:18:53) Moderator: I believe that's where our names will be made

(13:18:55) Lois_McClintock: Moderator +1

(13:18:59) Joseph_Booth: Lois_McClintock summarise what we've talked on, get people working on it.

(13:19:18) Lois_McClintock: good @joseph :)

(13:19:38) Jeremy_Peaks: Great idea mod

(13:19:47) Fred_Look: @chris that makes it clearer to me , thanks

(13:19:55) Stephen_Boyle: 1st we need to have a vision, plocies etc to attract new members

(13:20:05) Moderator: tks

(13:20:21) Joseph_Booth: Harre +1 good points. I still have far too much IP stuff from my Meetup Captain days that I need someone to own.

(13:20:37) Harre: Instead of donations, run IP Assetts as a business (ISP would be good). This at once solves the donations problem and the integrity problem., Run a tor node and advertise that you do and how to do it., Choose a Linux distro, Ubuntu is a good choice, or linux lite (based on Ubuntu but an NZ version) or mix your own. Centralise the NZ LUGS.

Do not pay for hits on Social Networks, it is too easy and masks the problem of why people don't like you. It is a quick fix., Please, please make everything open. Time delay is fine for sensitive stuff but if you aren't completely open you are making the same mistake as before., Remember the lesson of the internet, distributed is better., Go back over the Facebook posts of the last couple of month, there are some good sites out there., Promote your friends and others doing good.

(13:20:50) Tim_Hutchinson: A good transport policy. Ban speed cameras, the police say they work but can't produce the evidence that can't be pulled apart by looking at other things, Canada got rid of them and their road toll went down. Counties in england that do not have them have lower crash statistics.

(13:21:06) Lois_McClintock: I think we need to review the current policies and pop em back up and then start asking for feedback and identifying areas we need to have policies and start to get it built by the people again

(13:21:16) Melissa_Brown: This is all stuff that has already been done. Why waste time reinventing the wheel?

(13:21:23) Chris_Yong: Ways forward, my suggestion is we refocus and define why the party exists and what it stands for. After that, we can begin planning initiatives that help communicate this to build a NZ movement.

(13:21:25) Harre: Sorry, I wrote a list last night.

(13:21:55) Jeremy_Peaks: I'm concerned about support from NZers because although the KDC brand was harmful in the end, he did also drum up a huge amount of support early on very quickly. The picnic at the Dot Com mansion was an amazing event

(13:22:06) Tim_Hutchinson: Stephen, Stop any government selling or assets

(13:22:06) Lois_McClintock: @Melissa would love your input with suggestions then

(13:22:10) Joseph_Booth: Harre I agree IP Assets needs to think like a business

(13:22:13) Stephen_Boyle: Chris +1

(13:22:13) Moderator: Harre IP ASSETS cannot run as a business, it is a society

(13:22:20) Jeremy_Peaks: If we don't have something like that again, I feel our support will be less rather than more

(13:22:36) Joseph_Booth: Chris_Yong +1

(13:22:46) David_Wong: I put all the previous policies on github so anybody can download and contribute to

(13:23:00) Lois_McClintock: thanks @david

(13:23:02) Joseph_Booth: Moderator I for one am fuzzy on the organisation top to bottom

(13:23:04) Harre: @Grant yes, it can. Spin off another IP Phase 1

(13:23:14) Joseph_Booth: David_Wong +1

(13:23:34) Melissa_Brown: I suggest an in person get together… this is not a very organized or secure way to do things

(13:23:43) Joseph_Booth: Melissa_Brown +1

(13:23:46) Fred_Look: Just to let you know, unless the donations pick up dramatically i am going to have to move from amazon which means much will be rebuilt, this is both a pain and an opportunity if we can get the members to build better

(13:24:06) Melissa_Brown: Lois_McClintock feel free to check out my fb page… Ive made plenty suggestions from the last 4 campaigns

(13:24:34) Joseph_Booth: THere's a few sites - e.g.​arty-Supporters-Wellington/

(13:24:43) Colin_Smith: When are membership dues come due?

(13:24:47) David_Wong: @fred yeah agree I saw the financials and hosting cost are expensive, although not sure what you have provisioned

(13:24:59) Lois_McClintock: In person would be lovely, but is hard when we have people all over the country all in different financial positions. This was chosen as an option to get everyone a chance to attend.
And I will @melissa thanks :)

(13:25:02) Stephen_Boyle: @colin next year

(13:25:23) Moderator: e to see meetups started again

(13:25:38) Moderator: *I would like…

(13:25:47) Joseph_Booth: Fred_Look What would it take to make the site easily movable?

(13:25:49) Tim_Hutchinson: I think we need to stand alone and on out own two feet. Be our own political party and not be held to anyone.

(13:26:12) Lois_McClintock: Tim +1

(13:26:21) Joseph_Booth: Tim_Hutchinson yup

(13:26:37) Fred_Look: @david this provisioning was what we inherited and i left it in place until we get this AGM out of the way , the only time it has really paid for itself is today when i am able to scale up to run this chat

(13:26:53) Joseph_Booth: Moderator - I think Meetup wants money - but the people are interested.

(13:27:22) Moderator: Joseph_Booth coffee house meetings are a start

(13:27:28) Fred_Look: @joseph I think its actually fairly easy to move as it is

(13:27:33) Lois_McClintock: What is costing about meetup? I thought it was a free site? Am I wrong?

(13:27:40) Joseph_Booth: Moderator aye, have made good use of the local Upper Hutt McDs ;)

(13:27:54) Tim_Hutchinson: a labour policy banning zero hour contracts

(13:27:56) Fred_Look: i have got all the certificates etc and just needs a linux host

(13:28:11) Moderator: lol

(13:28:13) Melissa_Brown: cheap flights on jetstar ;) plus if you have a sausage sizzle or something you can raise enough money for gas if you really want to be there that is

(13:28:19) Joseph_Booth: Lois_McClintock free to attend, but bugs the organiser for money. Callum isn't paying, so it's asking me and James and Paul ;)

(13:28:35) Melissa_Brown: Sorry I was heavily involved with campaigning last year and dont even know who most of you are

(13:28:48) Colin_Smith: Meetup Auckland costs me approx.$60 for 3 months if I recall correctly

(13:28:52) Joseph_Booth: Fred_Look I have a shared host I could put it on.. ?

(13:29:20) Joseph_Booth: Colin_Smith sounds about right. thanks for paying that! I think ours is about to ask me

(13:29:42) Harre: @Jo Couldn't it be replaced on the website eg; you start a meetup and all members inyou area get an email informing them?

(13:29:42) Joseph_Booth: Melissa_Brown where were you based

(13:29:48) Fred_Look: @jo email me ,we talk, i gotta do something.

(13:29:51) Joseph_Booth: Harre totally.

(13:30:12) Melissa_Brown: Waiariki and Te Tai Tokerau

(13:30:30) Lois_McClintock: Yea lets take it away from a costing platform (meetups)

(13:30:52) Melissa_Brown: I got around ;)

(13:30:58) Joseph_Booth: Fred_Look will do. I give Mesh|net a few $1000 each year to promote open free internets, which is where I joined Internet Party ;)

(13:32:08) Melissa_Brown: neighbourly looks alright to. Whats in place if we lose power and or internet is out

(13:32:10) Joseph_Booth: Melissa_Brown year, I stayed in Wellington

(13:32:23) Jeremy_Peaks: What about setting up a Māori party wing of the IP to contest the Māori seats? No idea on rules on whether such a thing can be done, but if it was in essence a separete party that we partner with, but actually the same party, wouldn't that give more otions?

(13:32:38) Melissa_Brown: 30 bux one way to aux

(13:32:39) Colin_Smith: Lois, I am not sure that would work. The membership fluctuates weekly people leave and new members join. The only way they are joining is that we are in the Meetup list of choices. That's were they are finding us.

(13:32:52) Harre: A dark net would be good to. That way everytime they say its filled with pedos you can point to it and say where?

(13:32:58) Melissa_Brown: cheaper than a pack of rolls haha

(13:33:15) Lois_McClintock: ok @Colin - we will need to analyze and assess . good to know

(13:34:21) Chris_Yong: In the interests of time, I'd like to propose we wind down discussions for now and close out the AGM. I see the discussions shared today as a valuable starting point with a lot more that needs to be had, both online and in person asap. Is this alright with everyone?

(13:34:32) Joseph_Booth: Colin_Smith yeah, I think IP needs to have presence in all these 'meeting spaces' to at least collect people.

(13:34:59) Joseph_Booth: Chris_Yong sweet. good to chat.

(13:35:03) Harre: OK

(13:35:10) Jeremy_Peaks: thx Chris

(13:35:12) Lois_McClintock: Yes - thanks Chris

I would like to take a moment to thank Harre for all his hard work on the social media and everything else.
Harre you have been a true champ

(13:35:21) Harre: Chur

(13:35:30) Joseph_Booth: Agreed - Harre da man

(13:35:35) Fred_Look: chur harre

(13:35:38) Chris_Yong: Thank you Harre!

(13:35:42) Tim_Hutchinson: we do not need to pay international salaries to corporate CEOs. Multi million dollar salaries should be deemed to be obscene. At Fonterra, many jobs lost to save 5 million, when the ceo is getting seven million that is obscent

(13:35:58) Jeremy_Peaks: by the way can I just ask if Harre is any relation of Laila?

(13:36:17) Harre: Ahh, well, that's how it started last time.

(13:36:17) Stephen_Boyle: OK LETS ALL MOVE CACK TO CHAT ROOM

(13:36:23) Harre: :)

(13:36:24) Harre: cu

(13:36:29) Stephen_Boyle: BACK

(13:36:35) Debbie_Stanley: Agreed, Thank you Harre

(13:36:42) Troy_Haronga : Thanks Harre

(13:36:46) Miriam_Mallinder: Hi, sorry I am late … how do I find the recording of the AGM?

(13:36:50) Stephen_Boyle: You be back harre

(13:37:04) Joseph_Booth: Miriam_Mallinder lol. I think It's all logged.

(13:37:17) Miriam_Mallinder: not on this chat stream …

(13:37:25) Harre: I am logging

(13:37:39) Harre: Delclare the meeting closed chris?

(13:37:47) Miriam_Mallinder: ok … just tell me where to find it when done .. :)

(13:37:51) Chris_Yong: Thank you all for your attendance today, this Internet Party AGM meeting is now officially closed.

(13:37:58) Moderator: :warning: Call to close this AGM

(13:38:05) Lois_McClintock: :)