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masonbee Te Araroa

Well, I suppose I had better start writing some stuff down. I have done a couple of training walks (shock treatment I call them) in order to get my fitness/confidence up. The Barrier is pretty much the perfect place to train for anything like this.

My Training

The first walks were pretty much beach walks but they didn't last long. Then a little bit for Rural Fire with the weight pack on (20kg's), a walk with Logan, a couple of pack-less walks in along Tramline track and a 10 or 15km walk with pack up to Mt Heale and back.

Followed the next weekend by walking Forest Road to Port Fitzroy and over the hill to Whangapoua where I camped the night to test out my tent and equipment. Jeff Cleave spotted me at the end of that walk and described me as having a purposeful stride :). I was a little bit shattered. But it was a nice night and I got to test out my filtration kit as the water at  the campground looked a little bit like effluent.

Everything seems to works fairly well. The only minor screw-up being I lit my gas cooker wrong, set off the thermal shutdown, and then couldn't reset it so I was forced to fall back onto my emergency supplies of wine and cheese instead of having a cooked dinner. That's why you do prep I suppose. Saves me walking down Ninety Mile beach living on cold soggy noodles or something.