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Transmission is a very popular BitTorrent client that works well in KDE neon. It also has a remote client called transgui if you are running Transmission on a server or NAS in your network. It is very good for downloading large files such as Linux distributions or scheduling them to download at times the Internet connection is not being used.

Transmission can be installed by opening up Konsole and entering,

sudo apt install transmission

It can then be found under the Applications Menu at Applications/Internet/Transmission or you can just select the Applications Menu and type its name.

There are some setting that should be changed from the default before using it. In my view anyway. After opening Transmission under the Edit Menu select Preferences and then go to the Privacy tab.

Encryption mode: should be changed to Require encryption and below that both blocklist and blocklist updates should be enabled. Usually I use,

Blocklist block bad actors the torrent networks and can help protect your computer from being compromised.