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Use the command line with Konsole

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Konsole is one of the most important and helpful programs on Kubuntu. Important because you can do just about anything with it.

To be precise, Konsole is a terminal emulator running BASH (Bourne Again SHELL). A terminal is what you get when you strip away all the extraneous parts of a computer like the graphical user interface, etc… and end up with a black screen and a cursor. A shell is basically the system you use to put commands into the terminal.

For instance, if you type the command,

echo $SHELL

or copy and paste it for that matter the terminal will output,


which is the path to the bash program.

There are a number of commands that are used commonly in Konsole but the most commonly used ones are,

apt  - For installing and removing programs.clear- Clear terminal.exit - Exit   - List the contents of the   - Change directory (cd .. to go up a level).sudo - run commands as admin or super  - See what processes are running (push q to end).


Konsole is preinstalled on Kubuntu 20.04 and can be found in the Applications Menu under Applications/System/.

Further Information

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