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Using the Christchurch terror attacks for page hits

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In the early afternoon on the 15th of March, 2019 a man entered the Al Noor Mosque and opened fire on the occupants, killing many of them. Afterwards he travelled to the Linwood Islamic Centre to continue his killing spree. In all, there were 52 New Zealanders killed and 49 injured.

Apparently*, five hours later the activist and politician Suzie Dawson tweeted,

Media are asking why New Zealand intel agencies didn't know about the fascist white supremacist mass killer/s in Christchurch?

Answer - they were too busy squandering counterterrorism resources spying on @GreenpeaceNZ, @ManaMovement & activists like me:

Twitter - It appears she has deleted the tweet, image below.

Which linked to a tweet from January 18th which then linked to an article from that same day.

That article begins with Suzie Dawson, includes her past work to validate the current narrative, the usual unlinked claims to either her alleged persecutions or self endorsement and ending with Suzie Dawson requesting money. This is fairly normal.

What isn't fairly normal is the speed at which she leapt in to declare it happened because they had been spying on her. The Prime Minister of New Zealand was only just telling the Public that 40 people had been killed and that there were a number of other injuries. The country was reeling in shock and, as Suzie had so correctly identified, looking for answers. To give an idea of how blatantly shocking her exploitation of the attacks was, my first words after seeing the Tweet were,

OMG, and now your trying to promote your peice using the massacre of 49 people?

Conversations with the Internet Party Executive

Followed a couple of tweets later by,

Really. I don’t want to talk to you. I’ll wait until my gorge goes down.

Conversations with the Internet Party Executive

Suzie must has realised at some point the Tweet looked bad for her as well because she removed it. Fortunately I had already taken a screen shot. This was used as part of my complaint to the Secretary which in turn, as the complaint wasn't answered, led to my writing Suzie Dawson: Exile or Fraud.

At a time when the Prime Minister was informing and trying to comfort the country, when schools had only just come out of lock down, and when questions were finally being raised by the media about the role of the Intelligence Agencies in New Zealand it looks like the President of the Internet Party decided to use the situation to promote herself and and her alleged persecution by pretending to have the answers.

*Time difference. 2pm on the 15th of March was 2am in Paris where the screen-shot was taken. So 7:15am in Paris is five and a quarter hours later. But, perhaps Twitter does times differently. If it shows her time then it was only four and a quarter hours after the start of the shootings. In that case it is a pity the tweet has been deleted as it would have had the exact timestamp.

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